The Career Center staff provides advisement, resources and programs on major and career exploration, part-time jobs and internships, resumes and cover letters, interviewing, networking and job search strategies, graduate school and post-graduation employment. Services include individual appointments and walk-ins, career assessments, career-related programs and presentations, credential files, job/internship listings, networking resources, print and online resources, and recruiting events.

Career Center Services, Programs and Resources

Appointments and Walk-ins

  • Appointments are scheduled on the hour for one hour increments. Appointments are required for career planning and mock interviews (call the Career Center to schedule an appointment).
  • Walk-ins last for 10-15 minutes on a first-come, first-served basis (see website for walk-in schedule).
Appointment and Walk-in topics include:
  • Career Planning: explore values, interests, skills, and personality traits, utilize career assessments, gather information via print and online resources, and identify major/career options
  • Graduate/Professional School: gather information on programs and schools, learn about the application process, review materials, and evaluate if continuing education is the next step
  • Interviewing/Mock Interview: discuss the interview process and/or participate in a practice interview to receive feedback, develop skills, and identify strengths and areas for improvement
  • Job/Internship Search: learn how and where to find available opportunities, become familiar with the processes, develop and review materials, and explore strategies and resources
  • Networking: develop strategies to expand a professional network, explore current fields, clarify career goals, and learn about specific occupations and opportunities
  • Resume/Cover Letter: review application materials and learn how to effectively represent education, experience, and skills to potential employers and/or graduate schools

Career Planning

Career planning gives students and alumni the opportunity to assess their values, interests, skills, and personal qualities; explore suitable options; set short and long-term goals; identify experiential learning opportunities and develop effective job search skills. The Career Center can assist with this process through individual career counseling, which teaches the process of self-assessment, career exploration and decision making so that you can make effective and rewarding career choices.

Connect Majors to Careers

What can I do with this major logoWhat Can I Do With This Major?
Online resource that allows you to select a major and see common career areas, employers, and strategies designed to maximize career opportunities, as well as links to websites that provide additional information. We encourage you to explore multiple majors to learn about a wide range of career opportunities.

Career Resources
The Career Resource Room, located within the Career Center, houses over 500 books plus magazines, newspapers, and directories related to interests, majors, careers, job search, internships, interviewing, job search, networking, salary, transitions, and graduate/professional school. Plus, an eBook collection with information on more than 70 career fields including an overview, educational requirements, position description, compensation etc. Be sure to check out listing of available books via our Online Bibliography.

Career Assessments

Do What You Are® Career Interest Assessment
Designed to help you discover your potential through your responses to a series of questions that assess your personality and values.

Self-directed process that helps identify transferable skills and competencies for planning and conducting a job/internship search.

Before taking an assessment you will need to meet with a Career Center staff member to learn about the career planning process and the resources available to you, and if appropriate, obtain a username/password. During a follow-up appointment at the Career Center, we will help you to evaluate the reports and work with you to develop a plan towards your career goals.

Career Resources

Resource Room

The Career Resource Room, located within the Career Center, houses a collection of over 500 books and other publications related to interests, majors, careers, job search, internships, summer jobs and graduate school. The Career Resource Room is open during the Career Center’s hours. Stop by to browse or meet with our staff during walk-ins to learn more about the resources and how they may be most helpful to you.


The Career Center maintains a collection of eBooks with information on more than 70 career fields including an overview, educational requirements, position descriptions, and compensation etc.

Online Resources

Credential File

The Career Center partners with Interfolio, a web-based credential management service, to provide self-managed 24/7 online access to your account. This service provides you and your recommenders the ability to mail or upload documents to your account, and the option of hardcopy or electronic delivery of materials, plus more. For more information, go to

Education Expo

The Career Center sponsors Education Expo each Spring semester. This event provides students and alumni with an opportunity to connect and interview with education employers with anticipated vacancies.

Education Expo 2018 will take place on March 27, 2018  9am-12pm at the Century House in Latham, New York. This event is an opportunity for graduating students and alumni who will have their certification by August to meet, greet, and connect with local and out of state employers recruiting for Teachers, School Counselors, School Psychologists, Social Workers, Speech Language Pathologists, School Administrators, and other K-12 positions.


Pre-Register today and receive email updates about schools registered for the event and how to make the most of your time at this event, including tips on resume writing, how to navigate a job fair, how to introduce yourself, and more!

Graduate/Professional School Advising

The decision to attend Graduate School should be based on a genuine interest to pursue a concentrated field of study. It is important to find the right “fit” when choosing a graduate school so take the time to explore your goals, assess your degree of passion and know how committed you are to the field. Attending Graduate School will require a significant amount of time and finances, so it is encouraged to consider how your academic pursuits relate to your employment goals.

  • Meet with the Career Center staff during walk-ins to talk through the decision-making and application process, review your resume and/or schedule an appointment to participate in a mock (practice) interview to prepare for admission interviews
  • Visit the Career Resource Room for sources of information on the graduate school process (i.e. graduate programs, writing graduate admission essays, testing information and ways to finance your education) and check out the graduate school links
  • Utilize LinkedIn and the Career Advisory Network (C.A.N.), which contains profiles of professionals willing to provide you with information about their career field and/or their graduate/professional school and program

HireStRose (replacing eCareerCenter)

HireStRose is our NEW online career center management system, replacing eCareerCenter. This system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through the Career Center website.

  • Access HireStRose, at
  • Login utilizing your 9-digit Saint Rose ID# as your User ID and your Secure Site PIN; the same as The College’s secure site (Banner)
  • FIRST TIME USERS will be prompted to answer questions about potential career outcomes; answer these questions as accurately as possible
  • Complete and update the “Internship, Student Teaching, Clinical Practicum” experience section regularly
  • Post-Graduation Outcomes: Report employment status and continuing education plans
  • In order apply online to listings via HireStRose click into “Application Materials” to upload your job search documents (e.g. resumes, cover letters, writing samples, etc.); you must have at least one resume uploaded to apply in HireStRose


Employers, Contacts, and Tasks
  • Listed under the “Employers” section on the HireStRose toolbar, view information for employers who recruit and list opportunities with the Career Center, including contacts, website, and available listings (under “OCI and Job Listings”)
  • In the “Contacts” section, find specific individuals and locate their contact information
  • Star specific employers and contacts to follow their activity in the “Target Employers” section
  • Create and track notes about interactions with employers or contacts in “Tasks”


Job and Internship Listings
  • Jobs and internships are displayed in the “Job Listings” link, where you will find all positions posted directly with The College’s Career Center
  • Full-time, part-time, internships, on-campus, off-campus, private residence (babysitting/caregiver/tutor), seasonal/temporary, volunteer, and Saint Rose work-study positions and graduate assistantships are all listed on this system
Events and Recruiting
  • Events: Learn about and register for Career Center programs, including Career Carnival, Career Development Month, Career Roundtables, Education Expo, Etiquette Dinner, LinkedIn Headshots, Resume Critique Week, etc.
  • Recruiting: Employers interested in connecting with and/or interviewing students and alumni via Employer Information Tables, Employer Information Sessions, Resume Collections, and On-Campus Interviews
Resource Library

Career Exploration Resources

  • “Careers in Focus” eBook series: career and industry information from Ferguson’s Careers in Focus publication specific to job titles and majors that ranges from advertising to health care management to nanotechnology and more
  • GoinGlobal: a tool kit of resources that can assist job, internship, and study abroad seekers in making informed decisions when exploring domestic and international employment and educational experiences
  • My Next Move: is an interactive tool for job seekers and students to learn more about their career options
  • Vault: provides in-depth intelligence on what it is really like to work in an industry, company or profession and how to position yourself to land that job
  • What Can I Do With This Major: learn about the typical career areas and employers that hire people within each major

Job/Internship Search Resources

  • Albany Business Review Portal
  • Graduate Jobs Bulletin with 1,000s of nationwide entry-level and early-career jobs in Liberal Arts, Writing, Editing & Communications, Management & Business, Education, International, Art, and Performing Arts
  • Links to Job and Internship Websites (local, state, national, and by career field)
  • New York State Civil Service Jobs
  • OLAS: New York State’s Online Application System for Educators
Research Tools
  • “Research Tools” is a new resource that the Career Center offers; it provides employment and continuing education information for Saint Rose alumni
  • Search by school, major/ academic program, employer, industry, location, and more by clicking “change” next to “College/School”
  • “Outcome Index” displays information about average base salary and number of offers
  • “Salary Database” shows salary information based on attributes
  • “Offer Timeline” demonstrates when alumni receive job offers
  • “Offer Job Source” exhibits information about where job opportunities were found (e.g. online job board, networking, etc.)
  • “Offer Trends” graphs job offer information over time
  • “Graduate School” School” section shows where alumni are pursuing graduate/professional degrees


Interviewing is one of the most important parts of your job search. The purpose of the interview, from the employer’s perspective is an opportunity to ask you, in person, some questions to further determine your capabilities for a specific position and assess how well you might fit into the organization.

Developing strong interviewing skills, so that you can effectively convey interest in the position/employer and convince the employer that you’re the best person for the job. The interview will also give you the opportunity to learn more about the position/employer and assist you in making a decision on whether or not to pursue a particular employer. Take the opportunity to ask questions and learn as much as you can about the job and the employer.

Don’t forget to send a Thank You Letter, after the interview. Employers interview many candidates and it is often difficult to distinguish and remember the specifics for each of the interviewees. The thank you letter gives the interviewer a second chance to remember you.

Mock Interviews
Participate in a Mock Interview (or practice interview) with a Career Center staff member and/or an employer will help you prepare and practice for real life interviewing experiences. Having your interview videotaped and critiqued develops your interview skills, as well as increases your self-awareness, confidence and comfort level.

97% of student respondents who participated in a Career Center Mock Interview believed that the mock interview had better prepared them for future interviews.(The College of Saint Rose, Career Center End of Year Report)

Job/Internship Search

The job/internship search is a process that requires hard work, determination, and a positive attitude. Take the time now to learn the skills needed to achieve your goals. It may be useful to think in terms of self-assessment, career exploration, and job search implementation as the key aspects of an effective process.

Utilize the Career Center staff and resources to help you gain personal insight, discuss options, establish strategies, and develop job/internship tools and techniques. Learn how and where to find available opportunities, become familiar with the process, develop and review materials, and explore strategies and resources.


  • Know yourself (i.e. education, interests, personal traits, values, and abilities)
  • Articulate your skills and experiences
  • Identify what type of job or internship you want and what you value in your work
  • Uncover what motivates you by aligning interests with career goals
  • Connect what you know about yourself and your career goals

Explore Career Options

  • Select and research possible career fields identified through self-assessment
  • Learn more about career fields through the Career Resource Room, online resources, informational interviewing, and experiential opportunities
  • Identify geographic regions, states, cities of interest

Establish a Strategy

  • Establish a realistic timeline and be ready to dedicate several hours per week towards your search
  • Approximate the cost, both time and financial commitment, of conducting a search
  • Prioritize tasks by developing a written job search plan including contact information, letters mailed, follow-up phone calls, helpful resources/sources of information and employer research

Develop Effective Job/Internship Search Tools

  • Develop a targeted resume and cover letter that addresses your objective
  • Gain an understanding of the informational interviewing process
  • Gather academic and professional references who can speak positively on your abilities
  • Work with the Career Center staff to develop your resume, cover letter, and thank you letters
  • Participate in a mock interview conducted by a Career Center staff member

Implement Job/Internship Search Techniques

  • Use multiple job search methods to increase your opportunities for success
  • Login to online career management system to gain access to job/internship opportunities and employer information
  • Utilize the Career Advisory Network (C.A.N.) and other LinkedIn tools
  • Attend career-related programming, events, and job fairs
  • Network and conduct informational interviews with individuals in your area of interest
  • Participate in the Career Center’s Recruiting Program, including Information Tables, Information Sessions, Resume Collections and On-Campus Interviews
  • Review and assess your job/internship search strategies

Apply for Job/Internship Positions

  • Submit your completed application materials, including resume and cover letter, by specified deadline
  • Notify references of your application
  • Follow up with the employer to verify application materials have been received

Networking Resources

Networking is the process of making connections and sharing information. Successful networking includes having as many meaningful contacts as possible. It is a critical tool that will benefit you throughout your career. Networking is a great way to explore current fields, clarify you career goals, and learn about specific occupations as they relate to your career of interest. Through networking you can obtain the most up-to-date information about organizations and/or industries, develop your interviewing skills and self-confidence while also establishing and expanding your network. You will obtain information, meet people in your field, and uncover those unadvertised positions.
The Career Center provides professional networking resources including our LinkedIn Group,/ Career Advisory Network (C.A.N.), Professional Connections Program, and programming such as Career Roundtables and Etiquette Dinner.

Career Advisory Network (C.A.N.)

The College of Saint Rose Career Advisory Network, is a subgroup of The College of Saint Rose Career Center on LinkedIn. This subgroup is a professional networking community that allows you to connect with students, alumni, employers , and other friends of The College to offer and gain career advice.

To see what alumni are doing – visit, as a LinkedIn member you will be able to access graphs and profile information summarizing the most common geographic locations, places of employment, fields/industries, Saint Rose programs/majors, and skills by industry.

Professional Connections

The College of Saint Rose Professional Connections program creates a networking opportunity where current students and recent alumni can draw upon the knowledge, skills, and perspective of an experienced professional. This connection can provide guidance and feedback while facilitating self-reflection and self-awareness. The Professional Connections program is a way for students to grow your personal and professional skill set and also expand your network.




LinkedIn is a great tool for networking and professionals in your field and can also be useful throughout your career, whether you are exploring career options, searching for job or internship, or looking for professional development opportunities. For additional information, check out the LinkedIn handouts and videos
Networking on LinkedIn

  • Build your professional profile; use a professional photo, write an informative profile headline, complete the summary, education and experience sections
  • Enhance your profile by asking for recommendations from professional connections; completing other LinkedIn sections including but not limited to courses, honors and awards, projects, skills, professional development and volunteer activities; and include professional videos, images, and documents
  • Customize your requests to connect by including a personalized message; give a little bit of an introduction of yourself if necessary and briefly mention why you would like to connect
  • Join and participate in groups to engage with individuals you have relationships with and forge new relationships
  • Offer support for others and participate; the more you put into your relationships on social media sites, the more you are likely to get out of them
  • Visit to see what alumni are doing including their place of employment, fields/industries, Saint Rose programs/majors, and geographic location
  • View the LinkedIn profiles of companies; learn about their size, location, news, and more. This is a great tool to use before conducting informational interviews or going for job/internship interviews
  • Maintain an up-to-date profile to ensure an accurate description of your education and professional experiences

Programs and Presentations

Programs include, but are not limited to, Career Carnival, Career Development Month, Career Roundtables, Education Expo, Etiquette Dinner, LinkedIn Headshots, and Resume Critique Week

Login to HireStRose, our online career management system for details and to RSVP

Presentation (faculty and group sponsored) topics include career planning, eCareerCenter, graduate school, interviewing, job/internship search, LinkedIn, networking, resume/cover letter, skills assessment, and more.

Contact the Career Center to schedule a presentation 518-454-5141

Recruiting Program

The Career Center invites employers to connect with Saint Rose undergraduate and graduate students, and alumni. The Recruiting Program includes Information Tables, Information Sessions, Resume Collections, and On-Campus Interviews.
Employers participate in our Recruiting Program to connect with undergraduate, graduate students, and alumni.  Employers recruit through Employer Information Tables, Employer Information Sessions, Resume Collections, and On-Campus Interviews. Career Center staff advertises and promotes each employer’s visit through our website, fliers, The Chronicle, digital signage, Blackboard, bulletin boards, social media, and targeted e-mails to students and alumni via our online career management system.



Employer Information Tables
  • Opportunity to speak with employers on a drop-by basis about their organizations and potential openings for full-time and/or part-time employment, internship, and volunteer opportunities
  • Most EmployerInformation Tables are located in the Events and Athletics Center (EAC), outside of the Camelot Room


Employer Information Sessions
  • Formal presentations by employers which provided information about their organization and potential internship and employment opportunities
  • Most Employer Information Sessions are located in the Career Center Resource Room


Resume Collections
  • An employer request to collect application materials for an available position
  • Find Resume Collection announcements on our career management system and submit all requested materials through our career management system by the specified deadline
  • Candidates selected to move forward in the selection process will be contacted directly by the employer


On-Campus Interviews
  • Employer requested on-campus interviews which are held in the Career Center and are tailored to the employer’s schedule
  • Employers either “pre-select” students (resumes collected and reviewed before deciding to interview) or choose an “open” format (any interested student can interview)
  • Selected students will be contacted by the employer or Career Center staff to arrange an interview
  • Cancellations and no-shows are strongly discouraged and may impact your future participation in recruiting activities

Resume/Cover Letter


A resume is the basic tool used in a job/internship search. It should be a brief summary of your abilities, education, experiences and skills. A resume is an opportunity to present your best characteristics and accomplishments and to demonstrate your potential for future success. The idea is not to list your entire life history, but to present a concise picture of your experiences, education and skills as they relate to your career goals.

Cover Letter

A cover letter is a marketing tool that accompanies every resume. It is an opportunity to highlight strengths, show how you can meet the employer’s needs and convey your enthusiasm, motivation, and sincere interest in the job. It should be concise, attractive, well written and focused to the individual position.
Review the information found in the Career Center’s Handbook and put together a draft of your resume and/or cover letter. Then stop by for a walk-in to have your materials critiqued. Our staff will review your resume and/or cover letter and make suggestions as to how you can most effectively present your education, experiences and skills as they related to your career goals.

STEM-Healthcare Connect

STEM-Healthcare Connect will take place on Feburary 8, 2018 11am-2pm at the Armory at Sage Colleges in Albany, New York. This event is an opportunity for students and alumni who to meet, greet, and connect with employers in the STEM (Science, Technology, Mathematics and Engineering) and Healthcare fields to learn about internships and employment opportunities with their organizations.