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Reducing student hunger at Saint Rose

College students have enough to worry about between coursework, student clubs and activities, and their social lives. What they should not worry about is how they will afford their next meal. Roughly 30 percent of college students nationwide are food insecure*. Hunger can affect a student’s energy level, ability to concentrate, and overall academic performance.

We want to help make a difference on our campus, which is why we established the Annie Sheeley Emergency Meal Swipe Program for food-insecure students. Join the cause and help reduce student hunger at Saint Rose.

Donate a meal

For students
Students can contribute to the program by donating their guest meal passes. For every guest meal pass donated, Sodexo will match the donation, meal for meal.


For employees
Employees can donate funds to the program, no-cap minimum. We will pool the donations, and for every $125 received, we will purchase 25 meals and Sodexo will match with a block of 25 meals to the program.


How to apply for the program

To receive assistance, students should fill out the application below. Once submitted, a committee will review the request. If funds are available, the student will receive three meals a week for four weeks. Students are eligible to re-apply.

We understand it is not always easy to ask for help. Students should reach out to the Counseling Center if they find these challenges overwhelming or difficult to navigate on their own.

A student may qualify for the meal voucher program if they:

  • Demonstrate financial need;
  • Completed all the necessary financial aid paperwork;
  • Accepted all available aid;
  • Are not on the meal plan.

Facts about the program:

  • Funding is on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • Students are eligible to re-apply.

*According to a report in The Atlantic in 2019: College Student Hunger

Start an application for the ANNIE SHEELEY Emergency Meal SWIPE Program

Annie Sheeley Emergency Meal Swipe Program
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