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The job/internship search is a process that requires hard work, determination, and a positive attitude. Take the time now to learn the skills needed to achieve your goals. It may be useful to think in terms of self-assessment, career exploration, and job search implementation as the key aspects of an effective process.

Utilize the Career Center staff and resources to help you gain personal insight, discuss options, establish strategies, and develop job/internship tools and techniques. Learn how and where to find available opportunities, become familiar with the process, develop and review materials, and explore strategies and resources.


  • Know yourself (i.e. education, interests, personal traits, values, and abilities)
  • Articulate your skills and experiences
  • Identify what type of job or internship you want and what you value in your work
  • Uncover what motivates you by aligning interests with career goals
  • Connect what you know about yourself and your career goals

Explore Career Options

  • Select and research possible career fields identified through self-assessment
  • Learn more about career fields through the Career Resource Room, online resources, informational interviewing, and experiential opportunities
  • Identify geographic regions, states, cities of interest

Establish a Strategy

  • Establish a realistic timeline and be ready to dedicate several hours per week towards your search
  • Approximate the cost, both time and financial commitment, of conducting a search
  • Prioritize tasks by developing a written job search plan including contact information, letters mailed, follow-up phone calls, helpful resources/sources of information and employer research

Develop Effective Job/Internship Search Tools

  • Develop a targeted resume and cover letter that addresses your objective
  • Gain an understanding of the informational interviewing process
  • Gather academic and professional references who can speak positively on your abilities
  • Work with the Career Center staff to develop your resume, cover letter, and thank you letters
  • Participate in a mock interview conducted by a Career Center staff member

Implement Job/Internship Search Techniques

  • Use multiple job search methods to increase your opportunities for success
  • Login to online career management system to gain access to job/internship opportunities and employer information
  • Utilize the Career Advisory Network (C.A.N.) and other LinkedIn tools
  • Attend career-related programming, events, and job fairs
  • Network and conduct informational interviews with individuals in your area of interest
  • Participate in the Career Center’s Recruiting Program, including Information Tables, Information Sessions, Resume Collections and On-Campus Interviews
  • Review and assess your job/internship search strategies

Apply for Job/Internship Positions

  • Submit your completed application materials, including resume and cover letter, by specified deadline
  • Notify references of your application
  • Follow up with the employer to verify application materials have been received