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Urban Launch provides an immersion experience for a select group of students eager to dedicate themselves to community service and social justice in an urban setting.

You will meet students with similar interests, develop leadership skills that you can put to use on future service projects. You will have the opportunity to confront moral and ethical issues by working with agencies that address issues of poverty, homelessness, and education in New York’s capital city. Past community partners include Habitat For Humanity, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Saint Anne’s Institute, RISSE (Refugee and Immigrant Services of Emmaus), The Damien Center, Interfaith Partnership for the Homeless, Red Bookshelf, RADIX Environmental Education Center.



Urban Launch (UL) is a, pre-semester, first year community learning and service program that the exposes students to the variety of neighborhoods and real world issues that surround the Saint Rose campus.  Urban Launch students not only meet like-minded friends who care about all sorts of people and their life struggles, but begin to position themselves as community service leaders on the Saint Rose campus in their years ahead.  By aligning early on with the college’s Community Service Office, Urban Launch first year students will have the greatest opportunities to make a difference locally and nationally.  On the Urban Launch students learn about the challenges of youth and families who have been relocated from refugee camps from around the world.  They will make meals at homeless shelters.  Learn to ride the city bus system together. Meet the support community for people living with HIV/AIDS locally.  Interact with young girls who are getting their lives back on track at a locked, residential, educational facility. Volunteer at an urban ecological center that helps low income people grow and have access to healthy food.  And more!!!

Ken Scott, Program Director

Ken Scott


Urban Launch

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Urban Launch

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