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Arts Encounter introduces students to the visual and musical riches of New York’s Capital Region.

Through this program, you will meet others who share interests in the arts. Both those skilled in art and music and those who simply enjoy participating as audience members can take advantage of opportunities to create art and music as well as enjoy the many cultural treasures of the area.

Planned activities will showcase the Saint Rose art and music facilities and will also include visits to local galleries and music venues as well as the nearby Berkshires in Western Massachusetts, long recognized as a haven for the arts.

Our Program Outcomes as told by previous Arts Encounter participants:

  1. Make a smooth and positive transition into college. Students made new friends and received advice and support from both faculty and staff as well as student leaders.
  2. Develop constructive and supportive relationships with Saint Rose peers, faculty, and staff. Students met and started building relationships with new people including three to four former Arts Encounter students who become leaders in the program, faculty and staff from the College of Saint Rose join as well.
  3. Learn and begin to own the values of the Saint Rose mission statement. Students have the opportunity to interact with successful leaders who have lived into the Saint Rose mission and explore the importance of community.
  4. Increase self-confidence and self-awareness. Students have many opportunities in Arts Encounter to learn more about themselves and, through this, they increased their self-confidence and self-awareness.
  5. Develop a sense of respect for others, their ideas and beliefs. Students have a variety of experiences that introduced them to people who are different from themselves and whose ideas diverge from their own.

Arts Encounter professional Staff

Sister Sean PetersSean Peters, CSJ, Arts Encounter Program Director and Director of Mission Experience

Every year I look forward to participating in Arts Encounter.  Meeting new students who share my love for the arts is just plain fun.  We have a great time together, making new friends and visiting some of the best places for art in the Capital District as well as right here on our own campus.  Year after year students tell us it was a great way to start college.  I hope you will be one of those people this year.


Sara Sirianni, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions

This is my third year at Saint Rose. Originally from Central NY, I have an academic background in Education, History, and Museums. In my personal time, I have a passion for Music, Travel, and the Arts. I love being a part of the Arts Encounter program because it allows students to bond over common interests, explore something different, and get acquainted with what their new location has to offer. I have seen some incredible transformations, from shy and unsure teenagers to secure and confident college students – in just three days!


Dr. Robert R. Shane, Associate Professor of Art History.

I have been proudly participating in Arts Encounter since 2013.  Each August I look forward to welcoming new students, sharing my knowledge of contemporary art, and learning from each other as we explore the arts across our region.  I hope to meet you in Arts Encounter this year!




Jennifer Campbell, Assistant Professor of Music

This will be my second year at Saint Rose. I am from all over the United States (MA, MO, NY, FL, PA, OH, MS) and enjoy meeting new people and cultures in all the places I have lived. By trade, I am an Elementary Music Educator and the Coordinator of Music Education, but I also love teaching MUS 251: Introduction to Music. I am so excited to join the Arts Encounter program this year, as I, too, am still learning about all the wonderful artistic opportunities in the Albany region! I am so happy to be involved in Pathways because this time last year I was getting settled at CSR and now I get to support you during your transition!

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