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Frequently Asked Questions

The College requires students to take a math placement so we can ensure you are placed in math and science courses that are appropriate both to your level of aptitude, and to your major. For example, Business Administration majors are required to take MAT 180: College Algebra and Science majors are required to begin with MAT 190: Calculus 1. (For more information about mathematics and science requirements for your major, check the Undergraduate Catalog). While scores are used for placement purposes only, some offices on campus may also compile information from test scores for institutional reasons.

The College of Saint Rose Math Placement Test can feature questions from each of the following areas: Substitution, Classification, Fractions, Ratios, Percents, Exponents and Radicals, Word Problems, Polynomials, Linear Equations, Factoring, Rational Expressions, Functions, Exponential Equations, Imaginary Numbers and Trigonometry.

You must bring a photo I.D. You can also bring a calculator of your choice, but the graphing functions of a graphing calculator are not allowed.  All other materials including scratch paper and pencils will be provided.

The link below will lead you to several documents that can aid you for preparing for the math placement. During the semester we also have daily review sessions geared towards the math placement, as well as open lab math tutors. If you can’t make it to one of those, please make an appointment with the Associate Director of Student Development for a time that works best with you.

Whether you take the test online via Honorlock or if you take the test on site, the test will not be timed.  If you are still using a Proctor U appointment (which we are phasing out), please know there is a 90 minute cap to a test.  If you need accommodations for extra time, please reach out to to make sure that your accommodations are met.

There are 30 questions for a total of 58 points.  Each question is weighted between 1 and 4 points depending on the difficulty.

The score that you need depends on the course you are trying to place into. Most majors need only a 14, which qualify for a non major level MAT course that will satisfy the Liberal Education requirement for MAT. Students in the School of Business need a score of 31 to take MAT 180. A score of 31 is also needed for any student wanting to take CHM 190, PHY 190 and BIO 191. Students that are mathematics or science majors that need to take Calculus 1 need a score of 42.

Since the math placement isn’t a test and is not “graded” in the traditional sense, you cannot receive a failing grade. The math placement assesses your areas of mathematical strength and weakness on a variety of levels, and lists the math and science courses you are prepared to take. In some cases, the results for the math placement may read that you need to retake it. To help improve your score, there are several options available to you through the Academic Support Center. Please contact 454-5299 or email for further assistance.

The main way that students are exempt from the Math Placement Test is by transferring in the equivalent of College Algebra (MAT 180), Pre-Calculus (MAT 185) or Calculus 1 (MAT 190) from a credit-bearing institution.  If you are transferring in one of those courses, please make sure the Admissions Office gets a copy of your transcripts from the college issuing the credit.  This includes taking an AP course.

MAT 184 Elementary Statistics is not an L07 course, and therefore transferring in credit for that course will not exempt a student from the Math Placement Test.

If you qualify for seamless transfer and do not transfer College Algebra, Pre-Calculus or Calculus you will still need to take the math placement if you are in any of the following majors:  CSD, Computer Science, Cybersecurity, Forensic Psychology, Information Technology, Mathematics, Psychology and any major in Business and Science.  If you do not transfer two lib ed math courses as a Child Ed/Special Ed or Early Child Ed/Childhood Ed major, you will need to take the math placement.