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What: Student volunteer service trip
Where: San Francisco
When: February 29 – March 6, 2020 (during spring break)
Who: Saint Rose students working with GLIDE
Estimated cost: The cost for this trip averages out to approximately $750/student. Team fundraising helps to alleviate this cost.

“Sanctuary city” is a term given to a city that follows certain practices that protect illegal immigration. San Francisco is known as a sanctuary city because it has also been welcoming and protective of the LGBT community and the poor. Students will see, speak, and interact with an amazing diversity of people while partnering with the GLIDE church and foundation. Located in the Tenderloin district, GLIDE serves and supports the neighborhood with the highest concentration of poverty west of the Mississippi. The poor in the Tenderloin are organized in their struggle to stay in San Francisco despite the pressures from high tech companies that are moving in all around them. Students will meet an inspiring array of people and their evening reflections will cover poverty, diversity, homelessness, LGBT rights, etc.

Interested student?
Recruiting for each spring break trip happens early in the fall semester. Contact  for more information.

Though the city itself embodies a magic unique to the country, the compassion and drive that our Saint Rose volunteers bring with them on this trip will never cease to amaze. The Glide organization is truly an inspiration to how unconditional love could solve so many of our every day stresses and what we learn through Glide on this ASB will change your outlook and open your eyes to all this world has to offer.”
lycia Little ’17 & Matt Eisner ’17, San Francisco 2014 participants

“My trip to San Francisco was completely mind blowing and such an eye opener. I witnessed not only the pain people struggle through but also the beauty of hope in the eyes of those fighting for a second chance. It really made me think about what I am most grateful for and it made me change the way I live/see my everyday life.”
– Stephanie Santiago ’13, San Francisco 2014 participant