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What: Student volunteer service trip
Where: Antigua and Jocotenango, Guatemala
May 10 – 24, 2020 (after the semester ends)
Who: Saint Rose students working with Education for the Children and other organizations
Estimated cost: The cost for this trip averages out to approximately $1500/student. Coaching in fundraising helps to alleviate the cost.

About: Saint Rose students have traveled to Central America since 2005 to experience a different culture and to assist those living in poverty. Our main partner in Guatemala, Education for the Children (EFTC) (, serves over 550 children from families living in extreme poverty. EFTC provides education, nutrition, clean water, health care and assistance with family housing. The last two years, in addition to serving as teacher-assistants or technology aides, Saint Rose students painted both the outside of the school and the inner courtyards. We also had the opportunity to visit a children’s AIDS hospice, to tour a World Heritage city and to enjoy the extraordinary beauty of Guatemala. Weaving and fabrics form a central part of Guatemala’s heritage so our trip includes a visit to a women’s weaving cooperative and, since Guatemala claims the discovery of chocolate, we also have a chance to visit a chocolate museum.   This year we hope to build stoves for those in the rural areas which will be more efficient, better for the environment and healthier for family members.

Interested student?
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I have never felt so blessed to have such an amazing, life-changing opportunity in Guatemala. I have never experienced anything like it before, and I cannot wait to experience it again in my future!

-Student Volunteer

In Guatemala, I enjoyed being able to work with children at the school because the children had such positive energy and they helped me understand the Guatemalan culture. Additionally, working with the children and painting the school made me feel like I was making a difference. It taught me that people can be happy even if they have so little and that individuals are very helpful and there for one another. About myself it told me that I should be more thankful for the things I have and the people in life. I learned that sometimes I take things for granted.

-Student Volunteer