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Project Discovery: A Leadership Experience

Discovery awaits with workshops, activities, and more!

Throughout the academic year, the Office of Student Life and the Student Association sponsor Project Discovery. For our returning students, you may remember this event as Fall CLASSIC. After hearing your feedback, Student Life and Student Association have changed the event from a full weekend away to a one-day immersive and interactive experience you do not want to miss! This event is created specifically for students, faculty, staff and administrators to create and develop community and provide students with the opportunity to enhance their skills outside of the classroom.

Each one day off campus retreat will feature a specific theme, ranging from team building, diversity and inclusiveness, mental and physical health, career development and readiness, and more. The day is designed to provide students, faculty, staff and administrators with the essential building blocks necessary to develop a sense of community and encourage students to become influential and active in the Saint Rose community and beyond. Retreats will feature interactive and provoking workshops with activities and networking opportunities.

Project Discovery  includes transportation, meals, all activities, and a takeaway item (e.g. water bottle, planner, etc.) for a nominal cost.

For the next Project Discovery retreat, check back here or contact the Office of Student Life or Student Association (both located in the Events and Athletics Center).

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