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368 Western Ave - Delaney Hall

This is a co-ed residence hall housing 13 students and 1 RA in a variety of housing options. Students share the use of a kitchen on the 1st floor as well as the bathrooms.

Other Important Facts about Delaney Hall…

  • Laundry facilities for students to use free of charge are located in the building.
  • Students living Delaney Hall are required to be on one of 4 meal plan options throughout the academic year.
  • Delaney Hall closes during the breaks when the College is closed (Thanksgiving, Winter, Spring).

Delaney Hall Rooms

Room 1 – Single
Room 2 – Double
Room 3 – RA Room
Room 4 – Double

Room 5 – Double
Room 6 – Double
Room 7 – Double
Room 8 – Double