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Networking is the process of making connections and sharing information. Successful networking includes having as many meaningful contacts as possible. It is a critical tool that will benefit you throughout your career. Networking is a great way to explore current fields, clarify you career goals, and learn about specific occupations as they relate to your career of interest. Through networking you can obtain the most up-to-date information about organizations and/or industries, develop your interviewing skills and self-confidence while also establishing and expanding your network. You will obtain information, meet people in your field, and uncover those unadvertised positions.

The Career Center provides professional networking resources including our LinkedIn Group,/ Career Advisory Network (C.A.N.), Professional Connections Program, and programming such as Career Roundtables and Etiquette Dinner.

Career Advisory Network (C.A.N.)

The College of Saint Rose Career Advisory Network, is a subgroup of The College of Saint Rose Career Center on LinkedIn. This subgroup is a professional networking community that allows you to connect with students, alumni, employers , and other friends of The College to offer and gain career advice.

To see what alumni are doing – visit, as a LinkedIn member you will be able to access graphs and profile information summarizing the most common geographic locations, places of employment, fields/industries, Saint Rose programs/majors, and skills by industry.

Professional Connections

The College of Saint Rose Professional Connections program creates a networking opportunity where current students and recent alumni can draw upon the knowledge, skills, and perspective of an experienced professional. This connection can provide guidance and feedback while facilitating self-reflection and self-awareness. The Professional Connections program is a way for students to grow your personal and professional skill set and also expand your network.


LinkedIn is a great tool for networking and professionals in your field and can also be useful throughout your career, whether you are exploring career options, searching for job or internship, or looking for professional development opportunities. For additional information, check out the LinkedIn handouts and videos

Networking on LinkedIn

  • Build your professional profile; use a professional photo, write an informative profile headline, complete the summary, education and experience sections
  • Enhance your profile by asking for recommendations from professional connections; completing other LinkedIn sections including but not limited to courses, honors and awards, projects, skills, professional development and volunteer activities; and include professional videos, images, and documents
  • Customize your requests to connect by including a personalized message; give a little bit of an introduction of yourself if necessary and briefly mention why you would like to connect
  • Join and participate in groups to engage with individuals you have relationships with and forge new relationships
  • Offer support for others and participate; the more you put into your relationships on social media sites, the more you are likely to get out of them
  • Visit to see what alumni are doing including their place of employment, fields/industries, Saint Rose programs/majors, and geographic location
  • View the LinkedIn profiles of companies; learn about their size, location, news, and more. This is a great tool to use before conducting informational interviews or going for job/internship interviews
  • Maintain an up-to-date profile to ensure an accurate description of your education and professional experiences