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As a Sociology major, you will study societies and social groups—seeking out accurate information through social research, deeper understanding via theory, and a better world through policy evaluation and social justice.

Saint Rose Sociology majors use social theory to examine current issues while developing the ability to unmask social injustices—including those related to family, sexuality, gender, religion, race, ethnicity, health, politics, and social movements. They also complete internships in many different settings, including government agencies, business, and public and private agencies.


Suggested Four Year Course Plan


First Year Fall  

  • Intro to Sociology
  • English 105
  • PHI 102
  • 2 other Lib Eds

First Year Spring

  • Social Problems
  • 1 SOC/ANT elective (recommend ANT)
  • Lib Ed History
  • 2 other Lib Ed

Second Year Fall

  • 2 SOC/ANT electives
  • Lib Ed Math
  • 2 other Lib Ed

Second Year Spring

  • 3 SOC/ANT electives
  • Lib Ed Computer Science
  • Lib Ed Lab Science

Third Year Fall  

  • Social Statistics
  • SOC 300 Elective
  • 1 Lib Ed
  • 2 Electives

Third Year Spring

  • Social Research
  • Class, Race, and Gender
  • Any remaining lib eds
  • 2 Electives

Fourth Year Fall

  • Social Theory
  • 4 Electives

Fourth Year Spring

  • Senior Seminar
  • 4 Electives