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These plans are based on federal, state, and local public health regulations and guidance that we have at this time as the situation with COVID-19 is evolving, these protocols are subject to change. Please contact with questions.


All events defined as a planned gathering using a space on campus must be registered with the Office of Conferences and Events. This includes meeting spaces, classrooms, and labs. This ensures that social distancing seating and cleaning protocols can be implemented. This office can be contacted by email at: or by phone at 518.454.5171.

In the best interests of protecting our students, staff, and the community, The College of Saint Rose has implemented a vaccine mandate for its on-campus students and employees. We ask all visitors to our campus to respect this mandate and expect that all visitors to campus, including those attending academic, advancement, athletic, and student-led events, are fully vaccinated. We also recommend that visitors to our campus receive the booster shot prior to their visit to protect themselves and our campus community. This policy and recommendation is based on federal, state, and Albany County public health recommendations.


In accordance with The College of Saint Rose’s COVID-19 policy, all employees, students, and guests must wear masks inside all College buildings, including at all College events. This includes all guests and visitors to the campus. No exceptions. Guests without masks will be provided with a mask. Attendees at events who decline to wear a mask will be asked to leave the event and the building where the event is taking place.

Masks may be temporarily removed at an event in these specific circumstances:

• Consuming food or drink while sitting or remaining stationary
• A group photo where a mask will be briefly removed for the purposes of a photograph, media interviews, or giving a speech or presentation to the audience at a podium or mic.
• Those performing live music are exempt from wearing a mask while performing on stage in the Recital Hall, or on stage in Studio G3. When not performing, masks must be worn. Audiences at these events must wear masks.
• Student-athletes are exempt from wearing a mask in the gym while on the court. Spectators must wear a mask.
• Those dance teams or groups performing or practicing in a campus space are exempt while dancing. Audiences at these events must wear masks.


All events must have a designated responsible person, (i.e. an event host) who will make an announcement at the start of the event about mask-wearing, as well as the location of the emergency exits.

Responsibilities of Event Host:

• Remind guests to wear their masks correctly to prevent spread of the COVID-19 virus.
• Provide the Conferences and Events Office with a cell phone number so that they can be reached in the event of an emergency (this person must be present during the entire time of the event).
• Maintain a sign-in sheet or pre-registration list that includes names, email addresses, and phone numbers of guests for contact-tracing purposes.
• Ensure outside guests completed visitor questionnaire.

Options to minimize contact during registration, food service, and eating and drinking should be implemented based on the type of event. Additionally, hosts may consider whether to avoid serving food or provide grab-and-go options rather than a full meal. Facilities will sanitize the space before and after an event and ensure that hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes are available.

Before any event or visit, hosts should ask all participants to monitor their symptoms and stay home if they are sick whether or not they are fully vaccinated. Vaccinated persons with mild symptoms can unknowingly spread the virus. Review a list of possible COVID-19 symptoms on the CDC website.