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Public Health Degree at Saint Rose

Why Choose Saint Rose for Bachelor of Science in Public Health?

The Bachelor of Science in Public Health provides students with the knowledge and understanding of the many factors affecting community health in local, regional and global perspectives. This interdisciplinary major, a combination of social, physical and behavioral sciences, prepares students for positions with local, state and federal health departments and community organizations that address health concerns, as well as laying the foundation for many other public health careers.

The blend of Public Health with Social Work, Psychology, Political Science, Sociology, Philosophy and Biology builds a foundation for entry into the rapidly growing field of public health. Students completing the bachelor’s degree program may choose to pursue a Master’s in Public Health (MPH) with specialization in such areas as social behavior and community health, health policy and management, or epidemiology/biostatistics.

For those students more interested in being medical practitioners, the Public Health minor provides a good option to view medicine in a global light.

Program Highlights

  • Students are grounded in the fundamental areas of public health. Students completing the program will qualify for entry-level positions in federal, state, or local health departments and/or private organizations that address health concerns.
  • The major is a good entry into a Master’s in Public Health (MPH) with a possible specialization in areas such as Social Behavior and Community Health, Health Policy and Management, or Epidemiology/Biostatistics.
  • Students have opportunities to travel abroad to intern and study in Morocco and Uganda.
  • Small class sizes.

Course Requirements, Faculty, and Learning Objectives

  • Liberal Education Goal: Students will demonstrate knowledge of individual, groups, and society within the field of Public Health through the analysis of scholarly sources.
  • Major Goal: Students should demonstrate skills of critical thinking and analysis and synthesis of information, while recognizing the societal associations of current trends in public health.