B.A. Communications
Bilingual Mobile Facilitator
National Public Radio’s StoryCorps
Sunnyside, NY

Erika Romero '14 poses with the StoryCorps Mobile Tour.Erika chose Saint Rose because of the small class sizes and state-of-the-art media center where she knew she’d get hands-on experience. Where did that land her? With NPR’s nationally known “StoryCorps” as a bilingual facilitator. As a field producer with NPR’s StoryCorps, Erika spends her days facilitating conversations and archiving those stories at the Library of Congress, some of which go on to national production with NPR. Her work includes outreach with communities of people that are underrepresented in the media so that their stories can be archived. When not in the Brooklyn office, she’s traveling across the country in an iconic Airstream trailer as part of the StoryCorps Mobile Tour.

“From the many interviews that I have facilitated, five have gone on to national broadcast,” said Erika. “I love seeing how a 40-minute conversation was brought down to three minutes. It demonstrates the collaboration we have with our producers to capture the story that I had listened to as a whole.”

Saint Rose gave me the tools that helped me advance in my career.”

As a communications major with a concentration in film and new media, Erika got her start at Saint Rose. Not only did Erika get the education and experience she needed, she’s actually using the same equipment in booth recording that she used on class projects. She credits support as a student, and continued support as an alumna, from her professors in helping to advance her career.

“I always felt comfortable talking to my professors about my work and progress in class. Not to mention the Academic Success Center that is available for students to succeed academically. I felt encouraged to maintain a high GPA and there was always acknowledgement for hard work.”

Listen to StoryCorps stories that Erika has contributed to: