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Fall 2020 Restart Plan

The College of Saint Rose has announced its restart plan for Fall 2020. Visit the restart plan website for more details and FAQs. View Restart Information

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We know that you may have chosen to live at home or in an off-campus apartment for a variety of reasons this fall semester. We have designed a program for you to take advantage of the convenience on-campus living provides for the spring semester. Our hope is that this will provide you with an opportunity to experience just how great it is to live on-campus, while you also avoid facing driving in the tricky winter weather conditions.

As you consider your option to be HOME and out of the SNOW with us, we want you to know that there are a limited number of $2000 grants available to reduce the costs of living on campus. We are committed to making this memorable, affordable and convenient, regardless of the option you choose. Act now because space and grant money are limited. The application required is available by logging into the Secure Site and going to MyStudentHousing from the Student & Financial Aid link.

On Campus Housing

Students will have an opportunity to experience living on campus with their peers in double, single, or suite-style rooms based on availability. You will also choose from one of four meal plans so you can share your meals with friends! This provides you with a chance to have just a short walk to your classes during those days of brisk winds and snow and participate in the many activities happening on campus throughout the day and evening. We hope you find yourself becoming an even more integral part of our campus community!


Double Room Options


Unlimited Meals + 50 Points

  • Cost: $6,423
  • Grant: $2,000
  • Final Cost: $4,423

200 Meals + 200 Points

  • Cost: $6,357
  • Grant: $2,000
  • Final Cost: $4,357

160 Meals + 250 Points

  • Cost: $6,221
  • Grant: $2,000
  • Final Cost: $4,221

130 Meals + 300 Points

  • Cost: $6,176
  • Grant: $2,000
  • Final Cost: $4,176
Suite or Single Room Options


Unlimited Meals + 50 Points

  • Cost: $6,634
  • Grant: $2,000
  • Final Cost: $4,634

200 Meals + 200 Points

  • Cost: $6,568
  • Grant: $2,000
  • Final Cost: $4,568

160 Meals + 250 Points

  • Cost: $6,432
  • Grant: $2,000
  • Final Cost: $4,432

130 Meals + 300 Points

  • Cost: $6,387
  • Grant: $2,000
  • Final Cost: $4,387

We have a limited number of opportunities for our upperclass students to experience a more independent style of living in our on-campus apartments and Centennial Hall. In either option, students are not required to have a meal plan so you are able to prepare your own meals at your convenience and become part of a whole new community! If you aren’t up to preparing your own meals, no worries! You have the option of purchasing one of the regular meal plans or the Apartment Meal Plan with only 60 meals and $800 points.


Housing Option


Campus Apt

  • Cost: $4,113
  • Grant: $2,000
  • Final Cost: $2,113

Centennial Hall 2-Person Apt

  • Cost: $4,970
  • Grant: $2,000
  • Final Cost: $2,970

Centennial Hall 4-Person Apt

  • Cost: $4,678
  • Grant: $2,000
  • Final Cost: $2,678

Campus Apt/Apt Meal Plan*

  • Cost: $5,673
  • Grant: $2,000
  • Final Cost: $3,653

Centennial Hall 2-Person Apt/Apt Meal Plan*

  • Cost: $6,530
  • Grant: $2,000
  • Final Cost: $4,530

Centennial Hall 4-Person Apt/Apt Meal Plan*

  • Cost: $6,238
  • Grant: $2,000
  • Final Cost: $4,238

*Cost will increase with a different meal plan option

Housing options are based on availability and will be assigned on a first come, first served basis. Requests for specific roommates can be made, but not all requests may be possible.

Students interested in taking advantage of this opportunity to live on campus for the Spring 2019 semester should log into the Secure Site, go to the Student & Financial Aid link and click on MyStudentHousing.  The Spring 2019 Housing application for Returning Students will be located under the Applications tab. Submissions should be made as soon as possible prior to December 7, 2018 at 4:30pm. Assignments will be prioritized by the date of application submission.

We will work with students after the December 7, 2018 deadline based on space availability.

You will see the charges placed on your student account after you have been assigned housing.

WHERE: Office of Residence Life, 204 Partridge Street

WHEN: Sunday, January 13, 2019

TIME: 10:00am – 4:00pm

If you have a car, your commuter permit will be exchanged to a resident permit at no additional cost for the time you are in housing. You will need to obtain this permit from Safety & Security.