The Computer Science Department offers two B.S. /M.S. options. Exceptional students of superior academic ability have the opportunity to accelerate their degree progress. Students can earn their B.S. in either Information Technology or Computer Science, and also earn their M.S. in Computer Information Systems.

Either combined B.S. /M.S. option allows students to fulfill the requirements of the undergraduate and master’s degrees, which require 122 and 33 credits, respectively, for a total of 155 credits. Students must write a plan of study for the department’s curriculum committee to challenge 3-15 credits of this total. The plan of study may incorporate advanced standing, independent study, and advanced courses which, when approved, can reduce the total B.S. /M.S. credits to 140 credits. Required undergraduate CSC and Mathematics courses, liberal arts requirements, and M.S. requirements may not be challenged.

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