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The graduate program in History and Political Science at the College of Saint Rose exposes students to broad geographic, topical, and thematic areas that reflect the specialties of our dynamic and talented department faculty.

Program Description

Our curriculum across both disciplines represents the importance we place upon analyzing structures of power over time and across geographic boundaries for understanding and explaining social events.

Our faculty have a deep commitment to education and public service. Working closely with students at the individual and collective level in small classes, our dedicated faculty help students hone their critical research and writing skills in a seminar-style environment. Seminars engage a diverse array of contemporary cutting edge scholarship that both captures the key debates in our related disciplines and fields, while addressing critically important real world issues. Students will confront and consider the complex and conflicting social, cultural, geopolitical and national problems and relations, the forms of injustice and inequity they foster from both global and local perspectives, and how they interact and manifest in everyday life and thought.

The program challenges students to rethink their own relation to these complicated structures and processes in which we are all subsumed, and consider alternative ways of thinking about teaching and acting on them in creative ways. We prepare and encourage students to become active agents of positive change (for those looking ahead to careers in politics and public service) and to apply their knowledge and skills in their working and community lives. Whatever their career choice, the training we provide immerses students in the deep challenges and potential prospects of the 21st century, the interrelatedness of social, political and cultural conditions, their historical formations, contradictions, and contestations