Scott Brodie

Professor of Drawing and Painting


MFAPaintingThe School of the Museum of Fine Arts/Tufts Universtiy

Professional Experience

Scott Brodie has had the good fortune to be a painter for over forty years unrestricted by the false phantom of fame or the exaggerated suspense of viewer expectation. The two concepts that have served Brodie remarkably well over the decades are “Always dust before vacuuming” and “Never go outside.” Armed with these two motivating ideas, Brodie has constantly strived to make better paintings

Teaching Interests

Brodie has also strived to pass his knowledge and wisdom to his students. His first teaching position was at San Diego State University. Finding the Southern California weather too much to bear, Brodie made for New York State and eventually became Professor of Painting and Drawing at The College of Saint Rose. Saint Rose became a second home and a supportive environment for 32 years.

Inspiration occurs daily as each student, despite Brodie’s teaching, makes another wonderfully unpredictable drawing or painting. Art students have provided Brodie the opportunity to feel respected and important throughout his teaching career.

Research/Creative Works

Lots of paintings. Still life, landscape, portrait, abstract, you name it.