David DeBonis

Associate Professor


Ph.D.Educational PsychologyState University of New York, Albany, NY
M.S.AudiologyThe Pennsylvania State University
B.S.Communications DisordersThe College of Saint Rose

Professional Experience

1992- Present: Faculty Member, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, College of Saint Rose

Responsibilities: (a) Teaching both undergraduate and graduate courses in audiology and research methods, (b) supervising graduate students performing audiological screenings, (c) providing academic advisement, (d) providing audiological services through the Pauline K Winkler Speech-Language Hearing Clinic, e) guiding master’s theses, f) contributing to the research literature through professional publications, g) serving the department through committee work, including chairing the curriculum committee and serving as a member of the Probationary Faculty Evaluation Committee (PFEC).

2004-2012: Chair, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, College of Saint Rose

Primary Responsibilities: (a) Coordinated the Communication Sciences and Disorders Department, including full time faculty and adjuncts, as well as 140 undergraduate and 110 graduate students, chaired weekly department meetings, maintained advisement materials, course catalogs and schedules; (b) coordinated ASHA accreditation activities and maintenance of accreditation through annual reaccreditation reports, (c) represented and advocated for the needs of the department at weekly department chair’s meetings, (d) coordinated the academic and clinical components of the program through ongoing communication and collaboration with the Director of Clinical Studies, (e) oversaw the process of recruiting qualified candidates to fill open faculty lines, (f) collaborated with the Dean and Director of Clinical Services to expand field placements and thereby increase the number of students who could be accepted into our graduate program.

1994 to Present: Part-time audiologist at Sunnyview Hospital Audiology Department

Responsibilities: (a) Perform audiological assessments and screenings (b) Provide hearing aid consultations, (c) dispense hearing aids and other assistive equipment, (d) provide consultations to school districts regarding the use of FM equipment and how best to serve students with hearing loss and (e) provide aural rehabilitation services.

1984-1991: Full time audiologist at Sunnyview Hospital Audiology Department.

Responsibilities: (a) Performing audiological assessments and screenings, including ABR, OAE, and CAPD testing, (b) providing hearing aid consultations, (c) dispensing hearing aids and other assistive equipment, (d) providing consultations to school districts regarding the use of FM equipment and how best to serve students with hearing loss. Provided staff training and CFY supervision.

1981-1984: Full time audiologist at Saint Mary’s Hospital, Troy, NY

Accomplishments: Developed and implemented a marketing plan resulting in expanded services from part time to full time. Carried out complete audiological services for preschoolers through geriatrics, including site of lesion testing, hearing aid evaluations, aural rehabilitation and counseling.

Research/Creative Works

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