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Ann Zak

Professor of Psychology


Ph.D.PsychologyUniversity of Maine
B. A.Psychology and Communication ArtsSaint Mary's University

Professional Experience

  • Book Reviewer, Pollyanna’s Revenge: How Memories and Emotions Foster Happiness. 2015. Kendell Publishing.
  • Interviewed for Pornography: How Does it Affect You?, The Chronicle, LXXXIV, October 13, 2015.
    Book Reviewer, Psychology of Women Quarterly, 2015 to present.
  • Reviewer, Journal of Undergraduate Research, Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, Journal of Marriage and the Family, North American Journal of Psychology, 1996 to Present.

Teaching Interests

Courses Delivered: Foundations of Psychology, Social Psychology, Theories of Personality, Psychology of Love, Human Sexuality, Infidelity, Abnormal Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Psychology of Gender, Movies and The Modern Mind, Positive Psychology, Research Supervisor, Internship Supervisor

Research/Creative Works

  • Zak, A. (2016). A Review of Producing Women: The Internet,Femininity, Queerness and Creativity. Psychology of Women Quarterly.
    40:2, 38.
  • Zak, A. (2015). Early Career Psychologist Concerns: Establishing a Professional Presence. The Feminist Psychologist, 42, 11.
  • Flint, R.W. & Zak, A. (2002). Memory: a basic overview of systems and neuroanatomy. In R.W. Flint, Jr. (Ed) Forget It: Sources, Theories and Mechanisms of Alterations in Mnemonic Function. North Chelmsford, MA: Courier Custom Publishing, Inc.
  • Zak, A., Coulter, C., Giglio, S., Hall, J., Sanford, S. & Pellowski, N. (2002). Do his friends and family like me?: predictors of infidelity in intimate relationships. North American Journal of Psychology, 4, 287-290.
  • Zak, A., Armer, E., Edmunds, K., Fleury, T., Sarris, M. & Shatynski, B.(2001). Age discrepant relationships: do these romances fare well? North American Journal of Psychology, 3, 119-122.