Students majoring in Childhood Education (1-6), Early Childhood Education (B-2), Special Education/Childhood Education (1-6), or Special Education/Early Childhood Education (B-2) are required to complete an academic concentration of 30-33 credits in a specific discipline.

Mathematics and Computing Concentrations:
  • Computing and Logic
  • Mathematics
Science Concentrations:
  • Biology
  • General Science

Students choosing one of the Science Concentrations will complete 30 credits of science coursework.

Of course, those students that choose a non-science concentrations can still anticipate teaching science. Non-science concentrators in Childhood Education (1-6) and Special Education/Childhood Education (1-6) take a unique 3 course series in science that is specially designed for education students and is centered on problem based learning.

Language Concentrations:
  • English/Language Arts
  • French/Spanish
  • Spanish
Social Studies Concentrations:
  • Social Studies