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Educational Technology is about integrating technology into instructional settings to enhance learning outcomes.

\An Educational Technology Specialist is a trained state certified professionally credentialed specialist who facilitates, mentors, and assists teachers K-12 with integrating technology into their classroom instruction to enhance learning.

Pathway to Professional Teaching

  • First initial certification educational technology specialist for all grades, K-12 program. (36 cr)
  • Pathway to professional certification: second initial certification as an ETS (K-12). (30 cr)
  • Students interested in using educational technology skills in a higher education, adult education or corporate setting should apply for the Masters in Instructional Technology Program (30 cr)

An ETS (K-12) certification is an excellent way for a teacher currently holding a first initial certification in a teaching field to enhance their own classroom instruction and instructional technology integration abilities and at the same time provide a pathway to professional certification within New York State. In an increasingly competitive environment it is also an excellent complimentary certification to art, music, business and technology education certifications.

Candidates who have an adolescent education math or science first initial certification find the ETS certification attractive as they are interested in enhancing their classroom teaching ability and technology integration skills, but may not be interested in graduate level professional science or math coursework that would on one hand lead to a professional certification in their primary teaching field. The majority of candidates in this program are completing it as a second initial certification.