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The College of Saint Rose has partnered with Interfolio; a web-based credential management service that will provide you with self-managed online 24/7 access to your account; the ability for you and your recommenders to mail or upload documents to your account; and the option of hard copy or electronic delivery; plus more.

New Accounts: effective July 1, 2016

Visit the Interfolio website to establish your new credential account and to learn more about their features, plan options, and fees. Assistance is available at, by calling the toll free help line at (877) 773-6546, or by email:
* No new credential files will be opened by the Career Center after June 30, 2016

Credential File opened prior to July 1, 2016
  • The Career Center will not accept any materials to be added to existing files; all letters of recommendation received after that date will be returned to the recommender.
  • After five years of inactivity, files will be destroyed unless the Career Center receives a signed Transfer Consent Form indicating that credential file holder is authorizing that the contents of their file be transferred to their Interfolio account.

Any interested, credential file holders are encouraged to establish an Interfolio account and then submit a completed Transfer Consent Form, by mail or fax, to the Career Center. Once your file is transferred to Interfolio, your file will no longer be housed at the Career Center and all future submissions and requests will be directed to and managed by Interfolio.

If you have non-confidential letters and/or copies of educational certification in your file, you may request a copy of these documents be sent to you by submitting a Saint Rose “Credential Request Form” to the Career Center. Be sure to include the names of recommenders, a valid mailing address, and your signature.
* Confidential materials and transcripts may not be released to you.

Interfolio Support available at, by calling the toll free help line at (877) 773-6546, or by email:

How do I upload my letters to OLAS (New York State’s Online Application System for Educators)?

OLAS requires that you complete your application electronically, including uploading your letters of recommendation. Since this is something that only you can do, you must have access to non-confidential letters for this purpose. Feel free to call the OLAS helpline (800-435-3351) with any other questions.