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bachelor of science in chemistry student in lab

**This program is no longer accepting new students**

Why Choose Saint Rose for a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry?

Working closely with faculty, students in the Bachelor of Science in Chemistry degree program at Saint Rose pursue a rigorous study of atomic and molecular structure, spectroscopy, the energetics of chemical transformations, the composition and separation of chemical mixtures and chemical transformations that occur in living systems. Chemistry degree majors complete coursework in general (introductory) chemistry, analytical chemistry, organic chemistry and physical chemistry. Upper level laboratory courses instruct students in the execution of chemical syntheses and the characterization of chemical compounds using spectroscopic methods. An undergraduate degree in chemistry provides a strong foundation for graduate study in the chemical sciences or medicine and positions students well for careers in research and development.

In addition to completing coursework, chemistry degree majors are encouraged to conduct original research under the close supervision of a faculty member. Students present the results of their research at the annual college-wide undergraduate research symposium and publish their findings in the College’s Undergraduate Research Journal. Chemistry research students have also presented their work at the annual undergraduate research symposium hosted by the Eastern New York section of the American Chemical Society each spring. The Department supports student travel to present at other conferences. Students are encouraged to apply for summer research grants funded by the College. Opportunities for off-campus research are available in the Capital Region and beyond.

Program Highlights

  • The rigorous science curriculum prepares students for graduate school and a career.
  • Opportunity to publish research in the Journal of Undergraduate Research and present research at the Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium.
  • Outside the classroom and the laboratory, chemistry majors are active in a number of clubs and societies.
  • The Saint Rose chapter of the National Science Association (NSA) is highly active in the local scientific community. Each year, NSA members present the “Mister Wizard” science demonstration at Family Weekend, participate in National Chemistry Day festivities at the State Museum and volunteer at the Capital District Science Olympiad.
  • Poster presentations at local American Chemical Society Meetings.
  • Students who demonstrate excellence in scientific research are nominated for membership in the Albany chapter of the research honor society Sigma Xi.

Course Requirements, Faculty, and Learning Objectives

  • Use and understand chemistry terminology (assessed by CHM-305 or CHM-307 exam)
  • Effectively use statistical methods for evaluating and interpreting data (assessed by CHM-203L lab report)
  • Understand the relationship between chemical structure and reactivity (assessed by CHM-202 exam)
  • Solve quantitative problems relevant to chemical processes (assessed by CHM-402 exam)

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