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Application Process

***Please note that in some cases, bookstore voucher application processing time is up to 24 hours.***

At the beginning of each semester, students who have a pending or actual account overpayment may apply for a bookstore voucher. This voucher is considered to be an advance on a pending refund, and may be used for books and educational supplies at our Campus Bookstore.

Eligibility: We will review your account and consider your current balance and any pending state, federal or institutional awards which appear on your account. We are not able to consider pending monthly payment plans, graduate assistantship awards, pending outside scholarship/tuition assistance programs, pending federal loans or pending alternative loans.

When to Apply:  Voucher applications may be submitted electronically beginning one week prior to the semester start date, and for the first two weeks of the semester (applications will only be available during this time frame, and will not be accepted/processed for a future semester).

How to Apply: To apply for a voucher, please complete and submit the information in the form below.  We will contact you if we have any questions, or if your voucher cannot be approved.

Bookstore Voucher Application Form

How to Use Your Voucher: If your voucher has been approved, we will charge your student account for the estimated voucher amount and you will then be able to purchase your books and educational supplies online through the Saint Rose Bookstore, by selecting the “Voucher Payment” option at checkout. *Please allow up to 24hrs for processing of a voucher application*

What Happens Next: When you apply for a voucher, you may use an estimated amount for your books and educational supplies, and if approved, we will charge your student account for the estimated amount. Once the voucher process closes down for the semester, the Campus Bookstore will notify us about the actual amount that you used, and we will adjust your student account to reflect this. This reconciliation should be completed approximately 4 weeks into the semester.

Questions: Please contact us at

Bookstore Voucher Application

Fall 2022 Bookstore Vouchers will be available from August 22nd – September 9th.

You will be able to utilize your voucher funds through September 16th.