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Online Learning Services for Faculty

For training, planning, and consultation

Online Learning Services enjoys collaborating with course instructors on design and delivery ideas/training. These interactions often start with discussion of pedagogical need, rather than technical solution.

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For Technical Support for Canvas, Zoom, Knowmia, Chalk & Wire, and VoiceThread

Each of the technology tools used at Saint Rose has a company support webpage.

For General Technical Support

For help with other on-campus technology, accounts/passwords, wi-fi, email, and other network systems, contact Technology Support Services (ITS Help Desk).

Technology Support Services

Faculty request forms and training documentation

Request forms for Canvas courses

SharePoint informational documents

The following SharePoint folder includes directions on tasks such as creating HIPPAA compliant Zoom sessions, procedures to follow when students take an incomplete and how to access your Knowmia account. There are also documents on data storage at Saint Rose, how to provide virtual support to students and how to manage online instructor workload. *Use your Saint Rose login information for access*


Online Learning Services Course Now Available

Online Teaching Best Practices & Instructional Design Principles

This free course provides instructional lessons in online teaching principles and class design, including helpful video and downloadable resources.

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Video Tutorials and Support

Check out our playlist of helpful guides to online teaching best practices, using Canvas, TechSmith Knowmia, VoiceThread, Zoom, and more. Click the playlist button at the top right of the video playlists below to view included tutorials, or explore the full collection of playlists on YouTube.

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Canvas Tutorials

Learn how to best use Canvas features:

TechSmith Knowmia Tutorials

Learn how to best use TechSmith Knowmia features:

VoiceThread Tutorials

Learn how to best use VoiceThread features:

  • about VoiceThread
  • creating and sharing voice threads
  • doodling
  • comment moderation and collaboration
  • building and grading assignments
  • integrating with Canvas, and more

Remote Instructional Design Tutorials

Learn best practices for online teaching:

  • elearning principles
  • synchronous online teaching tips
  • making discussions more interesting and building instructor presence
  • online collaboration and groupwork, asynchronous groupwork
  • formative and summative assessment tools, SAMR Model, content maps, and more

Flipped Learning and Social Learning Tutorials

Learn collaborative and social learning techniques:

  • online collaborations and group work
  • synchronous and asynchronous teaching tips
  • Zoom breakout rooms
  • making the most of Canvas Discussions
  • TechSmith Knowmia groups and conversations, and more