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What people are saying...

“Thanks for letting me come in to do my observation for Professor Rasowsky. I love your facility and the way you facilitate! The classroom looks great and the children seem to really enjoy their environment, their friends, and their teachers! I had a great time playing outside with the kids and learned a lot about their friendships. I enjoyed the activities throughout the day such as the letter ‘b’ activity and song. How fun and educational! I believe the kdis are part of a great learning environment and you ahve made that possible! You have positive beahvior management techniques, and the classroom runs smoothly and safely all the time! You are a great teacher and I learned many positive attributes from you as a teacher and friend to the children. Thanks again!”- Shallen Wells, Early Childhood Education Student

“The Saint Rose Pre-K experience is wonderful. It allows my daughter to express herself positively through play, to learn independently and with her class, and to be creative as a whole. It is a hands on classroom for both her and us. We love to see that she is not just another student in the class, but an individual as well.” – Lauren Mondanaro, Parent

“The Nursery School is an amazing program. Laura Sorrentino has designed a curriculum that incorporates lots of ‘hands on’ learning and teaches school rules while still allowing time for preschool fun! She offers just the right balance of intellectual and creative activities in a very warm and nurturing environment. My twin 4 year olds can’t wait to attend school and I know they will be well prepared when they enter kindergarten. Thank you St. Rose!” – Andrea Raiti, Parent

“Not one day goes by that my son does not tell me how much he loves school. He even asks if he can attend on the weekends! I could not have chosen a better program as his first introduction to school. With the small class size he gets individualized attention from genuinely caring teachers who also happen to be the most current and up-to-date in their field! We are so happy with the program, we plan on sending our daughter next year!” – Annette Gallo, Parent

“I am so impressed with the skills my son has learned while in school here. For example, he knows all of his letters and sounds, can count to 100 (and beyond), understands and completes simple addition problems, and has even learned to zip his coat. We are so thrilled to be a part of this program and are certain that the lessons learned here will last a lifetime!” – Meagan Kumar, Parent