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Fall 2020 Restart Plan

The College of Saint Rose has announced its restart plan for Fall 2020. Visit the restart plan website for more details and FAQs. View Restart Information

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Consistent font is one of the most often neglected elements of brand identity. It’s also one of the most important.

As a visual element, the font we use may be barely noticed when consistent, but can be glaring when not. The use of specific, designated fonts is not only a mark of professionalism in our communications, but a proven way to build visual unity and familiarity.

The official font for all College of Saint Rose branded communications is Gotham. Because Gotham is a licensed font that not all members of the community may have or need, the font Arial is approved as a substitute.

Arial is a standard part of Windows software packages, and so uses no additional College resources; if you do need to purchase a license for Gotham, however, find it here.

For guidelines on font usage, see our Brand Identity Guide.