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Our colors inspire more than school pride; they impact how people feel about our brand.

Color has long been recognized for its ability to influence emotion, and the Saint Rose color palette was very deliberately chosen to elicit certain feelings and beliefs about the College’s strength, stability, warmth and pedigree.

For that reason, as well as visual unity, our signature color palette should be used consistently and accurately.

Primary brand colors: gold and black

In order to reinforce our brand identity, all College communications, whether internal or external, should feature these two colors—specifically, these Pantone shades:

CMYK = C:0 M:22 Y:100 K:0
RGB = R:255 G:198 B:0
HEX = #FFC600

CMYK = C:40 M:30 Y:130 K:100
RGB = R:26 G:25 B:25
HEX = #1A1919

Secondary color: white

As the color of paper and other backgrounds on which brand messaging appears, white should be considered part of our color palette—and one that is used liberally, as a means of creating “space” within the design.

For guidelines on color usage, see our Brand Identity Guide.