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The College of Saint Rose Announces It Will Close

On November 30, 2023, The College of Saint Rose Board of Trustees voted to cease academic instruction after the end of the 2023-2024 academic year. The College will continue to serve its undergraduate and graduate students, and offer a full Spring 2024 course schedule. Read More

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A brand is many things: an enticement, a welcome, a promise. Most importantly, it’s how the world puts a face to our name.

As our “face,” our brand is a window into what sets us apart; its importance can’t be overstated, and absolutely can’t be dismissed as simply “a marketing thing.” As with any first meeting, it is our first, best chance to connect and make a positive, lasting impression—and so must continually and consistently represent all that is most exceptional, aspirational and memorable about Saint Rose.

While encouraging individual expression is a core tenet of a Saint Rose education, our surest means of conveying that to prospects and the world at large is for every member of our community to speak a common language; think of this brand toolkit as that language. Here you’ll find the visual resources, voice guidelines and key messaging to become an effective brand ambassador for Saint Rose.