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These programs are approved by the New York State Education Department and the New York State Department of Health to provide services for children, ages birth tp 5 years, with special needs.

Clinical Philosophy

The Communication Sciences & Disorders Department embraces a philosophy of clinical service delivery that is consistent with the ethical standards, scope of practice, and current standards of practice of ASHA. It is our goal to serve children and their families in the most humane and effective manner possible and to ensure that our students commit themselves to this fundamental clinical value. Our department strives to foster the development of our students’ values to allow them to hold paramount the well-being of clients and their families/caregivers. We believe that each child has an autonomous nature and individuality is always considered when planning and implementing therapeutic services. Family involvement is a primary emphasis of our program as well, and parental input, needs, and concerns are consistently considered as we aspire to provide services that respect the child’s cultural background and dominant language.


Certified and licensed professionals include school psychologists, speech-language pathologists, audiologists, special educators, occupational therapists and physical therapists. In addition, graduate student clinicians in the Communication Sciences & Disorders Program assist in providing speech-language therapy and assessment under the direct supervision of a New York State Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist.


These programs are offered at no cost to families for children who meet New York State service eligibility guidelines. A combination of federal, state, and county government funding supports these programs. If a child could benefit from the services but is not eligible according to state guidelines, services are available through the Winkler Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic, located in the Emery Educational & Clinical Services Center, on a fee-for-service basis.



Our early intervention and preschool team provide multidisciplinary evaluations for children ages birth to five. The use of standardized assessment tools, non-standardized assessment tools, parent/caregiver and or teacher interview, and clinical observations are used to assess the child’s performance. Evaluations are conducted by our team members who may include one or more of: a school psychologist, speech language pathologist, occupational therapist and/or physical therapist.

Speech Therapy Services:

We provide itinerant speech therapy services for children who qualify through NYS early intervention services or through their school district’s Committee on Preschool Special Education.