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The Center offers an individualized remedial reading program designed to address each child’s specific needs.

Programs and Services

Literacy tutoring is offered on a semester basis and sessions are held virtually to match client’s schedules. Services are provided
by graduate students who are certified teachers working toward a master’s degree in literacy and supervised by a faculty member.

Parents may apply for their child’s placement in the tutoring program by completing a referral form. Placement in the program is dependent on results of a literacy screening. There is a $50.00 fee per semester payable at the beginning of each semester.

The Graduate Program and the Community

The Graduate Literacy Program runs during fall, spring and summer semesters. The purpose of this program is to facilitate comprehensive literacy development of struggling readers and writers and to provide graduate students in the Literacy Program with an intensive clinical field experience. The Literacy Center is dedicated to training reflective and highly skilled literacy professionals who are capable of providing explicit and interactive instruction in reading and writing.

During the program children from grade one to twelve participate in various literacy activities aimed at increasing their interest and motivation to become a part of the reading and writing community. Families enrolled in the program find the learning experience beneficial and often choose to attend the program for several subsequent semesters.

In order to provide graduate students with training in the most current research-based practices in reading and writing and authentic learning experiences, the literacy faculty maintains close relationship with local school districts serving as curriculum development consultants, policy board members, professional development school committee members and collaborators on joint instructional projects. The faculty is also actively engaged in experimental and correlational research that includes studies in teacher education/professional development in literacy; elementary and adolescent literacy processes; social, cultural and political issues of literacy practices and literacy learning in multilingual and multicultural settings.

PAACE and the Corporate and Academic Community

PAACE (Program for the Advancement of Adult Competence in English) is an English Language Literacy (ELL) program that operates in conjunction with the College’s Accent Modification Program delivered through the Pauline K. Winkler Speech-Language-Hearing Center. PAACE services address both receptive (listening and reading) and expressive (speaking and writing) language skills with a focus on reading and writing for academic and career purposes; presentation, listening and notetaking skills; vocabulary and grammar. Collaboration with the Accent Modification ensures that clients also have access to training in the production of spoken English, the development of conversation skills and the use of idiomatic language. More information on the program is available at the link below.
PAACE ELL Program Information and Application