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We work hard to keep your personal information, files, and devices secure as well as to maintain the integrity of the College's network.

Users must register their computers, tablets, phones, and game consoles prior to their use on the network. Included in this registration process is a valid login, anti-virus software, and a scan for compliance to required security policies.

Visitors: Individuals visiting the campus may connect to the “strose-guest” network and follow the prompts for temporary access. Pre-planned guest/event groups may request temporary computer accounts using the Temporary Computer Access Request Form. Please note: Temporary group accounts are processed manually and should be requested with two-weeks notice.

Temporary Computer access request form

computer account waiver form

Campus Community: Members of the College community should not use the “strose-guest” network as access to certain websites is blocked. Please register computers and devices using the following instructions:


Step-By-Step Instructions for Computers

  1. Plug into an available network jack or connect to the wireless network.
  2. Open a browser. You will be re-directed to the registration website. Before getting started, you will need to read and agree to the Acceptable Use Policy.
  3. Click the link for the type of device you wish to register.
  4. Register using your Strose Username and password and phone # where you can be reached. Click Submit.
  5. You will be prompted to download a temporary scanning agent. Save the file to your preferred location.
  6. Locate the file “Bradford Dissolvable Agent.exe” in your download location and double click to run the agent. This agent will confirm that the computer complies with the College’s security policy. For example, it checks for valid and up-to-date antivirus software. The scanning takes no longer than a couple of minutes. Upon completion, you will be alerted to your results. (NOTE: This agent will remove itself once the scan has completed.)

A webpage will load noting a successful registration. Your computer will then be moved to the Saint Rose network. (NOTE: In order to maintain compliance, keep your anti-virus installed and the definitions up to date.) A non-compliant computer will be redirected to a remediation page with information on how to bring your computer into compliance. Once these changes have been made, open up a browser and re-start the registration process.

Phones & Tablets

For help connecting other types of devices to the Saint Rose wifi, please contact Technology Support Services.

Technology Support Services

Saint Joseph Hall, Lower Level
985 Madison Avenue