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Thank you for your interest in making a gift of publicly traded stock to The College of Saint Rose.

Giving appreciated stock held for one year or more is often an excellent way to support Saint Rose. These gifts often receive very favorable tax treatment. Consult your tax adviser for specific information.

If your broker has any difficulty with this stock transaction, please contact:

Colleen Keating, Director of Annual Giving
Phone: (518) 454-5197
Fax: (518) 458-5447

To complete the gift, please simply follow the steps below:

If your broker or bank holds the securities-
1. Please call your broker and let them know that you want to make a gift of stock to The College of Saint Rose. She/he will want to know the name of the stock to be used, and the number of shares you are contributing. The date of the gift is generally when the stock actually leaves your account, so ask your broker to handle this transfer as soon as it is possible.

2. Ask your broker to transfer this stock to The College of Saint Rose account at one of the following brokerage firms:

Merrill Lynch
DTC Number:#8862
Please contact Colleen Keating at 518-454-5197 for the account number.
Account Manager: Jennifer Nolan, Account Manager
Phone: (518) 462-8330
Fax: (518) 618-3177

Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC
DTC Number: #0141
Please contact Colleen Keating at 518-454-5197 for the account number.
Account Manager: Vincent Meleco – Managing Director, Investments
Phone: (518) 455-7475
Fax: (518) 447-8447

3. After notifying your broker, please call Colleen Keating at 518-454-5197. She will need to know the name and telephone number of your broker, the name of the stock and the number of shares you are contributing, and the purpose or designation of your gift, if known. (Confidential voice mail may be left at this phone number if you desire).

4. Please remember not to instruct your broker to sell the stock and forward the gift to Saint Rose. This will jeopardize the excellent tax benefits you would receive if the college arranges for the disposition of your stock.

5. The college will notify you of the amount of your contribution based on the date that the transfer is complete.

If you hold the stock certificates yourself-
1. Please mail them via U.S. Postal Service (First Class mail) without any endorsement or assignment along with a letter stating the purpose of your gift (if known) to:

Colleen Keating
Director of Annual Giving
The College of Saint Rose
432 Western Avenue
Albany, NY 12203

2. In a separate envelope, please send one endorsed Stock Power Form per certificate. Endorse each form exactly as your name (or names) appear in the front of your certificate(s). You need not provide any additional information on the Stock Power. We will complete it to process the gift properly. Send these forms to the address above. If you need a Stock Power Certificate, please call Lisa McKenzie at the number above.

3. Your stock certificates are not negotiable until we receive both envelopes from you, so it is a very safe way to give stock to the college.

4. Your date of the gift is established by the date of the postmark on the envelope. (If the two envelopes are mailed on different days, we will use the later of the two dates.) We will base the actual valuation of the stock on this date, and will provide you a detailed accounting of your gift for your tax records.

The College of Saint Rose is a 501 (c) 3 tax-exempt not-for-profit organization. Our Federal ID number is 141338371.