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1980s Pathways to Success

When planning the celebration of the 30th anniversary of their graduation from The College of Saint Rose in 2010, the Class of 1980 Reunion Planning Committee proposed the possibility of making a collective gift to the College in recognition of the positive impact Saint Rose education had on their lives.  The committee established an award entitled “1980s Pathways to Success,” with a main objective to help deserving students continue at Saint Rose in spite of ongoing financial challenges. Shortly thereafter, the sponsorship was open to all Saint Rose classes who graduated in the 1980s, upon the anniversary of their 30th reunion year.

1980s Pathways is focused on addressing an important institutional priority at Saint Rose – student retention. It is offered to Saint Rose freshmen who are planning to return to The College of Saint Rose for their sophomore year, but are in need of additional financial assistance in order to do so.  A minimum award of $1,000 per year for the traditional remaining three years of the undergraduate experience is awarded to the selected student. An added and unique benefit of Pathways to Success includes pairing the selected student with a “Class of 1980s Professional Mentor”.  Professional mentors will provide students with wisdom and advice that can further assist the student in breaking down unnecessary barriers to degree completion and advancement toward graduate school and/or careers.

SUPPORT 1980s Pathways to Success

I am very grateful for my scholarship. I don’t come from a family where anyone has graduated from college, and I plan to be the first.

Darrius, from Syracuse, NY, is a Criminal Justice major.

Darrius Hills

Darrius Hills '20

1980s Pathways to Success Scholar