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Fall 2020 Restart Plan

The College of Saint Rose has announced its restart plan for Fall 2020. Visit the restart plan website for more details and FAQs. View Restart Information

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A Message to Scholarship Students

Congratulations on being selected as a scholarship student! At The College of Saint Rose, student scholars are selected based upon a variety of criteria which typically includes your academic and extracurricular achievement, as well as your financial needs. As a scholarship recipient, you are a role model in the campus community, and a representative for the College. All that you learn and accomplish during your time as a student, stands as an inspiration to future students, and to the alumni and friends of the College who have provided this financial support.

Take some time to learn about what your role is as a scholarship student, and how you can show your appreciation to those who have invested in your education.

Student Scholarship Recipient’s Frequently Asked Questions

  • How did I get this scholarship in the first place? 
    Most students are selected for scholarships by the Office of Financial Aid, where financial need is taken into consideration, along with academic achievement, and any other criteria a specific scholarship fund may have. Once the selection is made, the scholarship is indicated on your Financial Aid Award Letter. If a mid-semester selection is made, students may receive a revised Financial Aid Award Letter, and/or receive a phone call or email to let them know.
  • Where can I find out about the history or criteria of my scholarship?
    You will be able to read about your scholarship and it’s criteria on our webpage, but for now, the best way to find out more is to talk with Dana Cardona, Coordinator of Institutional Stewardship.
  • Is it possible to lose my scholarship?
    It depends. Most scholarships at The College of Saint Rose are awarded to students who are in good academic standing (GPA of 2.0 or greater), and those that are renewable from one semester to the next may only be available if the recipient maintains good academic standing. Further, some scholarships have higher GPA requirements or are only available to students within a certain major, so if you have questions about how your scholarship might be affected, it is important to contact the Office of Financial Aid as soon as possible.
  • I think I may need more financial support, what should I do?
    If your financial status has changed and you think you may need more financial support, please contact the Office of Financial Aid.
  • How can I thank my benefactor?
    There are many ways to thank your benefactor! Contact Dana Cardona, Coordinator of Institutional Stewardship to find out more about the history of your scholarship and how you can express your appreciation. Some students may be invited to meet their donor in person at a formal event, or a casual reception, while others may be asked to record a video message, or compose a thank you note. All scholarship students are encouraged to show their gratitude and tell their benefactor a little more about their Saint Rose experience by submitting the Scholarship Recipient Survey which is sent out each fall, to all endowed scholarship students, and each spring to students who have received endowed awards.
  • I’m scheduled to meet my benefactor, what should I expect?
    Meeting your benefactor is a wonderful opportunity to get to know someone who is invested in your education and your future. Dress yourself appropriately for the occasion, but lean toward a more professional, polished, and tidy look. Arrive on time (or early)! Students usually begin bonding with their benefactors over conversations about their student experience, and how important their scholarship support has been. Chances are you have some shared interests or experiences as members of the Saint Rose community. As long as you are polite and genuine, your meeting is sure to be a positive experience for both of you.