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Help Yourself Academy

  • The Help Yourself Academy is a program in which Saint Rose undergraduate and graduate students become mentors to a cohort of underserved third grade students from nearby Pine Hills Elementary School. Each cohort is invited to stay with the program until they graduate from high school. This after-school program makes learning fun and exciting, establishes solid learning techniques, promotes the college experience and encourages student involvement and participation in class. It can also help keep the children off the streets, out of trouble, and more interested in school and their future.

Emery Educational and Clinical Services Center

  • The Emery Educational and Clinical Services Center offers a wide array of services including literacy tutoring, speech and language evaluations and treatment, psycho-educational, audiological and central auditory processing evaluations and related services, including accent modification, individual and counseling, hearing aid consultation, family/caregiver support, second opinion and consultant services. Additionally, the Center offers educational evaluations and consultative support for children with autism spectrum disorders as well as a social and adaptive behavioral tutorial program

Third World Experience

  • Each year 10-15 of our students and 2-3 members of our staff travel to Honduras and volunteer at three sites:
    • An orphanage for street children ages 4-16.
    •  A school for children with a host of disabilities
    •  A school that educates children of families who survive by scavenging the local dump.
  • Students and staff stay with local families and pay most of their own travel expenses.

Summer Art Camp

  • Our graduate students in Art Education host a full-day summer art camp on campus for urban youth from Arbor Hill, one of the most impoverished areas in the City of Albany. This program provides a safe alternative for these youth by offering them an opportunity to learn about art and higher education opportunities through quality, memorable interactions with graduate students. With increased funding, the College can expand this program to meet the needs of many more underserved children.

Summer Youth Programs

  • Summer Academy for Youth
    • Created for youth entering grades 6–10, our exciting annual Summer Academy for Youth provides students and parents with unique and fun learning experiences that are flexible and convenient. Courses are 6 weeks in length.
  • Summer Youth Music Program
    • The first of its kind in the Capital Region, this program was developed for talented young musicians entering grades 8 through 12 with at least three years of instrumental or vocal experience.

Reach Out Saint Rose

  • Over 1,000 members of the Saint Rose community gather for Reach Out Saint Rose, an annual event held every fall to give back to local agencies and organizations.