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Biology Adolescence Education Photo

**This program is no longer accepting new students**

Why Choose Saint Rose for Bachelor of Science in Biology: Adolescence Education?

Biology: Adolescence Education qualifies students for initial certification by New York State to teach biology in grades 7 through 12.

The Science and Education faculty at Saint Rose is deeply committed to the academic and personal success of our pre-service teachers. Our faculty teach both lecture and lab, increasing contact hours between pre-service teachers and faculty. Partnerships exist with local school districts (urban, suburban and rural) that present opportunities for pre-service teachers to volunteer in middle and high schools to observe and assists in Grades 7-12 classrooms. We offer research opportunities with both science and education faculty.

A very active student-run science club (Natural Science Association, NSA) provides students interested in science with an opportunity to participate in science activities during weekly meetings.

Program Highlights

  • With its urban campus, Saint Rose provides opportunities for pre-service teachers to observe and volunteer in an urban high school that is very close to campus
  • Opportunities for pre-service teachers to join in science instructional activities for children with autism (Friday Knights program) and in science and math instructional activities for inner city children at a local elementary school (Help Yourself Academy)
  • Dual advisors in science and education

Alumni Profile