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Fear, the Saint Rose mascot, outside of Stewart's Shops

Do you want a sweet summer treat with some school spirit? Throughout the summer, you can order ice cream with a Saint Rose spin at the cone counter at select Stewart’s Shops. We asked the Saint Rose community on Facebook to choose the Stewart’s flavor (Brownie Cookie Sundae won out) and a Saint Rose-themed ice cream name. Our alumni had better ideas than the list of names we offered, so we went with a write-in candidate: Golden Knight Brownie Delight.

If you’re in the Capital Region, be sure to order a scoop or two. If you’re from out of town, is there a sweeter reason to visit us?

Here are the Albany Stewart’s Shops where you can find Golden Knight Brownie Delight this summer:
Shop #231- Whitehall Road – 875 New Scotland Avenue
Shop #124 New Scotland Avenue – 285 New Scotland Avenue
Shop #252 Dana Avenue – 10 New Scotland Avenue
Shop # 133 Russell Road – 1050 Western Avenue
Shop # 185 Manning Boulevard. – 542 Central Avenue