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Dr. Kwame Morton

Dr. Kwame Morton G’02 is the principal at the Cherry Hill West High School in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Morton graduated from Saint Rose in 2002, with his M.S. in Educational Administration and Supervision. “It’s the greatest opportunity that anyone can have to interact with kids who are full of vigor, so full of life and opportunity. Every day, for me, is a blessing.”

Prior to his 10 years in Cherry Hill, Morton served as a “turnaround specialist” principal at a historically low-performing school in Philadelphia and worked for a decade for the New York City Department of Education as an assistant principal before that.

“Entering the program (at Saint Rose), I knew that I had ambition, and I knew that I wanted to learn. I was very fortunate to be able to go through that experience and pick up a tremendous amount of knowledge. I’m still doing that to this day, taking some of the ideas I’ve learned and applying them to my daily responsibilities.”

Watch a video about Morton’s experiences in education and at Saint Rose.