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Jesús Valbuena Garcia ’93, at right, with longtime friend Matt Allen '92.

Jesús Valbuena Garcia ’93, a professional communicator based in Madrid, likes to advise aspiring writers that the best storytelling happens through “story doing.” For the past 15 years, he has been “doing” a story he was born to tell: He recently completed a documentary about his great-grandfather’s part in the Siege of Baler (1898-1899). 

“It’s a story of endurance, surviving through adversity, humility in victory, and dignity in defeat,” he says. “It’s a war episode without winners or losers. It’s a parable about humanity.”

Valbuena, who manages marketing communications for one of the world’s largest providers of infrastructure services, had always dreamed of creating, producing, and distributing a documentary. 

“The Last of the Philippines: Return to Baler,” the 45-minute documentary he premiered in the Philippines this past June, can be rented online.

Valbuena is pictured above with longtime friend and Saint Rose alum Matt Allen ’92.

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