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We’re Celebrating New Programs!

We Are Celebrating New Programs

Doesn’t everyone love new? New babies. New cars. A new ideas. We also love new, especially when we’re talking about new programs.

Recently, we’ve launched three new programs at the College: a psychology/MBA dual degree, a psychology/counseling dual degree, and a Master of Science in Social Work. We’re excited to offer students new opportunities to advance their education, especially in these in-demand fields.

Check them out here. And if you’re thinking about graduate school, take a look at everything we offer.

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Our Giving Community: Almost $4 Million So Far

Our Giving Community Almost 4 Million Dollars So Far

The College of Saint Rose has received gifts totaling almost $4 million that will support student learning. That’s almost $4 million in a four-month period.

One gift will be used to establish an endowed scholarship for students studying in the School of Mathematics and Sciences. A second gift will endow a scholarship for students studying elementary education in the Thelma P. Lally School of Education. And a third gift can be used at the College’s discretion.

Learn more about ways to give to Saint Rose here.

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Four alumni, four reasons to come to Saint Rose

Four Alumni Four Reasons To Come To Saint Rose

We were lucky enough to have four Saint Rose alumni, who were featured in the College’s admissions video, return to campus for our Accepted Student Day on April 9.

Grace O’Shaughnessy ’11, Omar Lopez ’08, Jermaine Brookshire, Jr. ’13, and Kajanna McKenzie ’13 did a fantastic job speaking to students who were accepted to, and are considering attending, Saint Rose. Omar even ranked us over Harvard in terms of his educational experience.

Hear Omar talk about how Saint Rose stacked up to Harvard here.

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Seeing 2020: Saint Rose’s Strategic Plan

Seeing 2020: Saint Rose’s Five-Point Plan for the Future
The College’s new strategic plan and growth strategy has been designed to expand Saint Rose’s national and global presence.

From now through the year 2020, the Saint Rose community will be working toward achieving key goals:

  • Global Connectedness, with an emphasis on diversity within both curricular and co-curricular experiences;
  • Student Success, by creating pathways to degrees that in turn lead to career placement and advancement;
  • Further establishment of a Comprehensive Institution that offers nationally recognized professional degree programs for both Undergraduate and Graduate students;
  • The continued support of a Culture of Innovation and Creativity that uses integrated, interdisciplinary approaches to learning across all programs, and
  • A position of Fiscal Strength, aimed at best serving our students through operational soundness and revenue-generating opportunities.

These areas have been identified by students, faculty, parents, and our alumni as the most important steps toward achievement for The College of Saint Rose.

To learn more about our 2016–2020 Strategic Plan, click here.

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