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This holiday season, give someone the gift of health and happiness. Yoga and pilates classes bestow a raft of physiological and emotional benefits – from de-stressing during the holidays, to weight management, to relieving pain, to improving muscle tone and circulation.

A former Division I college athlete in track and field, Haley offers classes tosupport and challenge Yoga and Pilates students of all ages and levels. In addition to providing a great workout for the body and relaxation for the mind, the classes are a way to meet people and join a new community.

When the pandemic began last year, Megan continued her classes online. These programs have expanded to meet the needs of our changing world. Megan now leads multiple online fitness programs in addition to in-person classes at Lark Street Yoga.

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Megan Haley

Megan Haley G’17
MS in Art Education
Yoga and Pilates instructor

What inspired Megan’s business:
I am a full-time art teacher at the elementary-school level, a job I’ve enjoyed for 11 years. About nine years ago, I started taking pilates and yoga classes and soon fell in love. Interestingly, these practices have many parallels to the arts! After about a year, my teacher encouraged me to get my certification – she thought it would be a natural step, because I was already a teacher. I was instantly amazed at how equally inspiring it was to teach adults. As I’d found when I began teaching children, I felt like I was making a difference in people’s lives, but in a different way. This decision really changed the course of my life and gave me a sense of purpose. Teaching is my calling, and it has been such a blessing.

How Saint Rose has helped Megan’s career:
Teaching came about in kind of an unusual way for me. After obtaining my undergraduate degree in art, I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do. I discovered a cooperative graduate program that Saint Rose offered at that time with Skidmore College. I decided to go for an interview and never looked back. The one and only teaching interview I ever went on was in Lansingburgh, and that is where I have stayed my entire career! Teaching art has brought immeasurable joy to my life. The children’s artwork amazes me, and their courage inspires me. I love teaching because I have the opportunity to make a mark on the lives of children on a daily basis. In turn, I want to show them how important THEIR mark is in the world.

Megan Haley

Class Schedule:
Monday: Vinyasa Yoga 6:30 to 7:30 p.m.
Saturday: Pilates 9 to 10 a.m.

405 Quail Street
First Congregational Church
Albany, New York