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For the animal lovers in your life, what about a custom portrait of a well-loved pet? Kim expertly details every shadow and highlight (not to mention each tiny hair) of your furry friend’s face, capturing their spirit and personality.

Kim Szkudlarek '14, B.F.A., Graphic Design Graphic Artist Alumni Gift Guide

Kim Szkudlarek ’14, B.F.A., Graphic Design, Graphic Artist

Shop Your Custom Portraits

Not up to commissioning a full portrait? Kim also offers greeting cards printed with your choice of wildlife or pet drawings.

Custom pet portraits start at $85.00. To order, email See examples of her work, along with a full price list, at and on Instagram (@kimszkud_art). Shop for greeting cards featuring her artwork on Etsy –

Kim Szkudlarek Alumni Gift Guide Pup Portrait

In-progress of a pup’s portrait to capture their one-of-a-kind likeness.

Kim’s inspiration for her business:
I’ve been a lifelong animal lover, having grown up in a household full of pets, and have always had an interest in animal art, especially the equine form. In 2005, I discovered the model horse hobby and was blown away by the artists I found there. Among the sculptors and painters, there were also a few pet portrait artists that inspired me to pursue animal portraiture.


Kim Szkudlarek Alumni Gift Guide Horse Portrait

Gorgeous horse prints, cards, and designs available to order.

How Saint Rose helped Kim’s career:
The art department at Saint Rose provided an incredible creative community for me to grow from. Students and professors alike are extremely supportive, and I’m grateful to maintain that support system long after graduation.