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Our Saint Rose faculty are ready to help you, and there’s someone who specializes in every subject. Schedule a virtual meeting with one of our faculty members below!

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School of Arts & Humanities

Our Arts & Humanities faculty are committed to your ability to act creatively, think critically, and make lasting contributions as innovative artists, designers, expert communicators, problem solvers, educators, scholars, and leaders.

Jin KimJin Kim
Liz RichardsLiz Richards
Brian SweeneyBrian Sweeney
Jenise DePintoJenise DePinto
History and Political Science

School of Math & Science

Faculty researchers and experts in global climate change, watersheds, public health, distributed computing, neuroscience, sexuality, and other fields.

Brad BauerBrad Bauer
Biological sciences, Chemistry, Medical Technology and Forensic Science
Rob FlintRob Flint
Criminal Justice, Psychology, and Forensic Psychology
Maureen RotondiMaureen Rotondi
Social Work
Stephanie BennettStephanie Bennett
Sociology and Public Health

School of Business

Expert practitioners as well as respected researchers knowledgeable in trends throughout the global marketplace, our faculty hold you to the highest standards of ethics and transparency as well as academic excellence, and encourage you and your classmates to be effective in all aspects of business.

Chris LucarelliChris Lucarelli
Marketing and Management
Mark MichilisinMark Michilisin
Sales Management

School of Education

Rest assured, no matter where your future classroom is, you will leave Saint Rose knowing that what you do in your own classroom positively impacts students’ futures.

Susan DeLukeSusan DeLuke
Special Education
Frances IhleFrances Ihle
Special Education
Shelia FlihanShelia Flihan
Teacher Education

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