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Performing Arts

Acting with Accents & Dialects

9am – noon

Actors are often required to put on accents like British RP, Cockney, Irish, Southern, and it can be fun, and sometimes it can be scary. In this class, students will study the more commonly used accents in theatre and film and learn tools to convincingly execute them. After thoroughly exploring accents as a group, students will put them into practice through scenes and monologues.


Theater Make-up

9am – noon

Students will learn the basics of theatrical makeup design through hands-on experience and application.  Learn how to accentuate features for stage, old age, fantasy, and beginner special effects makeup skills for stage and film.


Effects Make-up

1pm – 4pm

Students will explore make-up effects technique through hands-on experience and application.  Topics include prosthetic application, use of adhesives, masks, hair effects, illusion, 3D effects and more.


Acting Techniques

1pm – 4pm

What is your acting method? In this hands-on acting class, students will explore Meisner, Uta Hagen, Michael Chekhov, Stanislavski and various other acting legends, to see how their techniques inspire noteworthy, and nuanced acting performances.

Art & Design


9am – noon

Students will explore sculpture and 3-dimensional design through a series of guided sculpture projects, projects will reference relevant historical artists and explore a variety of sculpture materials and techniques. These projects and processes will challenge all age groups; students should dress in clothes appropriate for mess making, no sandals or open toe shoes. Materials used will include: paper mache`, clay, wood, rivets, paint, wire, and colored duct tape. All materials, supplies, and hand tools are supplied.


Digital Photography

9am – noon

Working in small groups, explore creative and inexpensive techniques to enhance your photography. Learn about lighting, color, texture, composition, and the creative digital photographic processes. 

NOTE: Students should bring a digital camera or Smartphone with a suitable camera function, to learn how to use the features available to them. Student cameras should have USB cables and / or SD cards. Summer Academy cameras are available; however, students may have to share due to equipment limitations.


Screen Printing

1pm – 4pm

Before there was Xerox or the “print” button on your IPad, there was the art of print making, in which every copy was an original work of art. Using the College’s professional print-making studios, learn the basics of traditional screen printing.


Studio Art: Painting (NEW!)

1pm – 4pm

This class will provide an overview of painting and explore composition, color, materiality, light, and space while also covering the basics of painting from preparation of the canvas to the best types of paint and brushes to use. Working from direct observation, students will paint using engaging set ups, models, and outside “en plein air” if the weather permits.

Sports, Business, History, Government

Espionage History

1pm – 4pm

International espionage is a world of mystery, danger, and intrigue that has immense impact on governments and civilization. Learn about this covert and integral aspect of world history, where spying and intelligence-collecting has the power to save an empire or spark a global war!

Math, Science, Technology & Engineering

Game Theory, Logic, & Probability

9am – noon

Board games and card games all rely on chance, but by better understanding the math behind the games, you can increase your odds. Learn how to use logic and math concepts like probability to better understand how games of skill can be mastered.


Naval Engineering (NEW!)

9am – noon

Learn about the principles of floatation and how huge ships stay afloat. Through hands-on experimentation and shipbuilding, students will explore the concepts of marine transportation. If you’re not careful, you might get wet!


Aerospace Engineering

1pm – 4pm

Come learn about the principles of flight and what makes rockets and airplanes go up and stay in the air. Create flying machines with everyday materials and increase your understanding of rocket design and construction.


Video Game Design

9am – 4pm

Students will design and create a video game from scratch using Construct 2, an accessible and (mostly) free game creation tool. Some coding and animation skills will be developed as well – prior programming experience is not required.


Video Production B

9am – 4pm

Spend a week immersed in field and studio video creation from pre to post-production. Learn to develop ideas, formulate scripts, shoot footage, and participate in the editing process with a focus on visual storytelling. Students will get a hands-on experience in a collaborative group based setting.