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July 29 to August 2

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Sports, History, Business, & Government

Trial & Law ($198)

1pm – 4pm
Learn about the theory and practice of law. Students will apply the laws that they study to different cases that have been brought to court. Student will then use their legal skills, relevant facts, statistics and laws to prove their “side” to win a mock trial case.

Performing Arts

Acting Techniques ($198)

1pm – 4pm
What is your acting method? In this hands-on acting class, students will explore Meisner, Uta Hagen, Michael Chekhov, Stanislavski and various other acting legends, to see how their techniques inspire noteworthy, and nuanced acting performances.

Voice-Over Acting NEW! ($198)

9am – noon
In this class, students will learn the art of performing voices to represent a character in a film, commercial, or cartoon. The next great character voice could be yours!


Science Fiction Writing ($198)

1pm – 4pm
Engage your imagination and explore futuristic possibility in this class dedicated to science fiction. This is your chance to write about space exploration, time travel, aliens, distant planets, robots/cyborgs, and real-world problem solving. Imagine worlds that never were or have yet to be!

Adventure Writing ($200)

9am – 4pm
Many of your favorite stories involve elements of adventure writing: a situation that goes from the expected to the unexpected, a level of risk, and characters making choices which—for better or worse—will affect the story’s outcome. In this flexible cross-genre class, you will learn how to create a likable hero or heroine, an intriguing scenario, challenges and setbacks, to an exciting climax and final satisfying resolution.

Art & Design

Sculpture ($198)

9am – noon
Students will explore sculpture and 3-dimensional design through a variety of relevant historical artists. The projects and processes used in this class will challenge all age groups, and the materials will include: plaster, clay, wood, rivets, paint, wire, colored duct tape, among others. All materials, supplies, and hand tools are supplied.

Graphic Design ($198)

9am – noon
Grasp the fundamentals of graphic design and the process of visual problem solving, and conceptual thinking. We will integrate the message, the image, and the medium of a variety of projects such as logo design, product packaging, and font design (among others), in a creative and meaningful way. Supplies are provided.

Screen Printing ($160)

1 – 4pm
Before there was Xerox or the “print” button on your IPad, there was the art of print making, in which every copy was an original work of art. Using the College’s professional print-making studios, learn the basics of traditional screen printing.

Studio Art: Painting ($198)

1pm – 4pm
This class will provide an overview of painting and explore composition, color, materiality, light, and space while also covering the basics of painting from preparation of the canvas to the best types of paint and brushes to use. Working from direct observation, students will paint using engaging set ups, models, and outside “en plein air” if the weather permits.

Math, Science, Technology, & Engineering

Naval Engineering ($198)

9am – noon
Learn about the principles of floatation and how huge ships stay afloat. Through hands-on experimentation and shipbuilding, students will explore the concepts of marine transportation. If you’re not careful, you might get wet!

Zoology NEW! ($198)

9am – noon
Welcome to the Animal Kingdom! This branch of biology focuses on the anatomy, physiology, classification, habits, and distribution of all animals, both living and extinct, and how they interact with their ecosystems and other species.

Digital Narratives ($198)

Students will learn how to make a Visual Novel, a type of video game focused on telling an interactive story.  Some programming skills will be covered in the course, but no prior coding experience is necessary.

Aerospace Engineering ($198)

1pm – 4pm
Come learn about the principles of flight and what makes rockets and airplanes go up and stay in the air. Create flying machines with everyday materials and increase your understanding of rocket design and construction.

Veterinary Science ($198)

1pm – 4pm
Learn about the branch of science that deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease and injury in animals. Learn through guest speakers, field trips, and hands-on activity, how veterinary medicine can be used to help animals of all sizes.

Roller Coaster Engineering ($396)

9am – 4pm
Learn what it takes to design the perfect roller coaster. Through class activity, online simulation, discussion, and a trip to experience roller coasters in action, students will have a greater understanding of track placement, physics, electronic controls, and thrill elements, while adhering to logistics, such as safety, park size, and budgeting.