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July 22 to 26

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Sports, History, Business, & Government

Albany Murder & Mystery ($198)

9am – noon
Albany, New York is an important city with strong ties to President Lincoln, The Schuyler Family, the Transportation Revolution and many others.  Yet, sinister occurrences lurk underneath the glory days of Albany.  Spend time investigating the dark and fascinating crimes that occurred in the local area.

Espionage History ($160)

1pm – 4pm
International espionage is a world of mystery, danger, and intrigue that has immense impact on governments and civilization. Learn about this covert and integral aspect of world history, where spying and intelligence-collecting has the power to save an empire or spark a global war!

Sports Broadcasting ($198)

1pm – 4pm
Learn how sports commentators deliver their suspenseful coverage of live sporting events. Through hands-on practice and studying expert sport commentators you will be able to offer play-by-play accounts of your favorite sporting events, and create and develop your own sports talk show which can include popular topics from around the world of sports.

Monsters of NY – NEW! ($160)

1pm – 4pm
Bigfoot. Ghosts. Werewolves. Champ the Lake Monster. We are told that these beings are not real, yet many eyewitnesses claim to have proof of them. Students will study and discuss bizarre, outrageous and possibly convincing evidence about the monsters that are said to roam New York State.

Forensics ($198)

9am – noon
Become a crime scene investigator through observation, deductive reasoning, inference, and hypothesis testing. Engage in hands-on analysis of fingerprints, hair, fibers, blood and powders, and learn how to use scientific tools to solve a crime.

Writing & Performing Arts

Play Writing ($198)

1pm – 4pm
Have you ever wanted your characters and stories to come to life? This course will teach students the main techniques of playwriting, from creating dynamic characters and building conflict, to developing a scene, and learning how to stage their work.

Mystery & Crime Writing ($160)

9am – noon
In this class, students will develop realistic crimes and mysteries that need to be solved, and develop clues for both the characters and the reader, while using figurative language to create an appealing story. Upon editing and revision, students will have their own mystery and crime story that they will be able to share with their peers.

Character Creation ($198)

9am – noon
Characters are the driving force of novels, movies, video games, and any other form of storytelling. This hands-on, collaborative class will help students develop strong, engaging, and three-dimensional characters for their stories. Let’s bring your characters to life!

Art & Design

Mixed Media Art ($198)

9am – noon
Using combinations of textured paper, vintage papers, paint, found objects, colored pencils, markers, leather and textiles we will explore mixed media collage projects such as self-portraits and artist’s maps.

Interior Design ($198)

1pm – 4pm
This design course provides students with an overview of the function and flair of interior design. Through the exploration of materials such as wallpaper, fabric, paint, furniture images, and room accessories coordinated by color and theme, students will solve daily design problems by generating room vignettes for fictional clients.

Math, Science, Technology, & Engineering

Archaeology NEW! ($198)

9am – noon
Investigate past cultures and find out how they lived! Through hands on activity, guest speakers, and field trips, students will explore what these ancient societies have left behind and open a window into the past.

Computer Forensics – NEW! ($198)

1pm – 4pm
Forensic science is not just limited to physical evidence and a laboratory. In this class, students will learn how to use forensic skills to identify, preserve, recover, and analyze digital evidence. Fight crime from your computer!

Video Game Design ($396)

9am – 4pm
Students will design and create a video game from scratch using Construct 2, an accessible and (mostly) free game creation tool. Some coding and animation skills will be developed as well – prior programming experience is not required.

Digital Video Production B ($396)

9am – 4pm
Spend a week immersed in field and studio video creation from pre to post-production. Learn to develop ideas, formulate scripts, shoot footage, and participate in the editing process with a focus on visual storytelling. Students will get a hands-on experience in a collaborative group based setting.