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July 8 to 12

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Sports, History, Business, & Government

Small Business Management

9am – noon
If you want to open a pop-up cupcake shop or your own lawn moving business, you’ll need to learn the ins and outs of starting and managing your own business. In this class, you will develop your own business idea and learn how to create a business plan along with many other useful skills that will make you money.

Mindfulness & Yoga – NEW!

9am – noon
This class will help students develop strength and flexibility through yoga, while also relieving the stress of daily life. Students will learn to focus and center themselves through breathing and visualization, and allow them to focus their energy.

Civics & Democracy

9am – noon
Join us as we explore American democracy through spirited debate, online games, mock trial, and a model United Nations activity. Our goals will be to have fun as we learn about American civic life and citizenship in the United States.

Social Media Marketing NEW!

1pm – 4pm
The business world has changed with the emergence of social media. Students will learn how social media strategies can be used effectively in marketing programs, when they should/should not be used, how to build them, and to measure, track, and evaluate their performance and effectiveness.

Hotel & Restaurant Management

1pm – 4pm
Learn about the constantly expanding industry that keeps over 15 million people employed. From fine dining to housekeeping to accommodating the requests of demanding guests, the world of hospitality is never dull. Take a closer look at hotels and restaurants from the business’ point of view.

Writing & Languages

American Sign Language

9am – noon
Spend a week learning the basics of American Sign Language in this intensive class for beginner students. In addition to learning signs and fingerspelling, students will also learn about the history of sign language and the deaf community at large.

Art & Design

Fashion Illustration

9am – noon
Learn the art of fashion sketching and gain the skills needed to draw, paint, and collage your way into fashion illustration. The focus will be on learning to draw the “fashion figure” as well as the details that will give your drawings style.

Drawn & Quartered: Math and Art

1pm – 4pm
This art class is devoted to the intersection between math and visual art, with a focus on meditative art practices. We will explore minimalist / modernist / conceptual art, from both Western and Non-Western art traditions to understand how artists visually represent mathematical ideas. We will also explore how artists have used these concepts/practices to generate a meditative experience through art-making.

Digital Photography

1pm – 4pm
Working in small groups, explore creative and inexpensive techniques to enhance your photography. Learn about lighting, color, texture, composition, and the creative digital photographic processes.

Math, Science, Technology, & Engineering


9am – noon
It’s time to explore the past, present, and future night sky. Learn about the first astronomers, discover and identify different stars and constellations, and travel beyond the planets and our solar system into the Milky Way galaxy. Weather permitting, there may be an optional constellation viewing scheduled in the evening this week – details TBD.

Game Theory, Logic, & Probability

1pm – 4pm
Board games and card games all rely on chance, but by better understanding the math behind the games, you can increase your odds. Learn how to use logic and math concepts like probability to better understand how games of skill can be mastered.

Epidemiology NEW!

1pm – 4pm
Learn about the world of microbes, viruses, and bacteria by examining modern and historic epidemics and their impact on day to day life. Students will explore disease ecology and how disease functions in the body, and why some diseases spread in certain populations and not in others, and how to best prepare for outbreak.

Python Coding NEW!

9am – 4pm
Come and spend a week learning the basics of the world’s fastest growing programming language. Its user-friendly platform is what makes it so popular among students, software engineers, analysts, data scientists, and machine learning engineers. Students enrolled in this class should have basic computer skills.