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July 1 – 3 (No Classes on July 4 – 5)

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Sports, History, Business, & Government

Athletics: Personal Training ($200)

9am – 4pm
This hand-on class is tailor-made for student athletes. No matter what sport you play, our instructor will help you design a training regimen to boost performance both on and off the field. Identify what physical training is necessary, and learn what nutritional requirements are recommended.

Sports Team Management ($200)

9am – 4pm
Ever dream of managing your own pro sports team or representing a multi-million-dollar athlete? Through the management of fictional sport teams and figures, you will learn the business aspects of professional and intercollegiate athletics, sports information, facility management, sport ethics, sport marketing, sport law, and sport finance.

Military Strategy ($240)

9am – 4pm
Come and explore strategies used in famous battles throughout American History, and see how they have evolved and informed the military strategy of today. Students will research the battle plans of famous Generals and debate and discuss their efficacy, and perhaps even visit local battle sites for inspiration.


Fan-Fiction Writing – NEW! ($160)

9am – noon
If you’ve finished your favorite story, film, cartoon, video game or comic, it’s likely that you wish those characters, that world, or that plot had another chapter. Get the chance to continue the saga by becoming a fan fiction writer! Remix existing stories to write something new: cast yourself in the world of Harry Potter, have Superman battle Cthulhu, or dream up space pirate adventure starring Taylor Swift. The possibilities are endless!

Art & Design

Studio Art: Drawing – NEW! ($240)

9am – 4pm
Students will be learning the fundamentals of drawing such as light, composition, value, and line by making drawings from life. Students will use these observational drawing skills to make more experimental work through diverse materials, mark making, or more abstract compositions. At the end of the course students will have confidence and a stronger comprehension of drawing.

Math, Science, Technology, & Engineering

App Creator ($240)

9am – 4pm
This class is devoted to the student interested in learning how apps are created for smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Using Scratch and the MIT App Inventor software, students will create their own interactive app designs.

Nursing – NEW! ($240)

9am – 4pm
Learn about one of the most vital parts of the medical profession. Through hands-on activity, guest speakers, and field trips, students will not only learn what nursing and patient care involves, but they will explore its important history and how technology is changing the playing field.