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Writing & Languages

American Sign Language (NEW!)
9am – 4pm
Spend a week learning the basics of American Sign Language in this intensive class for beginner students. In addition to learning signs and fingerspelling, students will also learn about the history of sign language and the deaf community at large.

Performing Arts

Improvisation Acting Workshop
9am – 4pm
Join us for hilarious acting games and improv activities including freeze, slideshow, props, world’s worst, party quirks, scenes from a hat, and many more. This half-day class is packed with hysterical theater activities that will help you focus on performance skills including speech, movement, action, re-action, and thinking on your feet.

Art & Design

App Creator
9am – 4pm
This class is devoted to the student interested in learning how apps are created for smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Using Scratch and the MIT App Inventor software, students will create their own interactive app designs.

Sports, Business, History & Government

Military Strategy (NEW!)
9am – 4pm
Come and explore strategies used in famous battles throughout American History, and see how they have evolved and informed the military strategy of today.  Students will research the battle plans of famous Generals and debate and discuss their efficacy, and perhaps even visit local battle sites for inspiration.

Math, Science, Technology & Engineering

9am – 4pm
Become a crime scene investigator through observation, deductive reasoning, inference, and hypothesis testing. Engage in hands-on analysis of fingerprints, hair, fibers, blood and powders, and learn how to use scientific tools to solve a crime.